MAKING A START ON OUR NEW FARM!! [The Valley The Old Farm] FS22 Timelapse # 1


FS22 Making a start on our new farm is the first part of the The Valley The Old Farm timelapse series on Farming Simulator 22. We start off heading to our new farm where we buy several new fields using the money we have from Mazovia. We then get straight to work harvesting a field of wheat. Once done we buy chickens so we can start producing eggs and use the wheat to feed them. We then harvest a field of sorghum and a second field of wheat before baling up the wheat straw. The next job is to mow the three grass fields we buy and put the grass from two of them into one of the bunker silos. The other field is tedded for hay which allows us to buy sheep and feed them. We also build some beehives and top up the garden with straw and water so it can start producing.

The Valley The Old Farm by Blacksheep Modding:

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▶ 1. 00:00 Tomas Skyldeberg: Hang Gliding

▶ 2. 04:29 AGST: Breaths

▶ 3. 07:22 Giants’ Nest: Who you want

▶ 4. 10:48 Jones Meadow: Waters

▶ 5. 14:30 Tomas Skyldeberg: Fireballs

▶ 6. 17:46 Bonsaye: Casa

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  1. Played this beautiful map for more than 8 hours today! It is magic to see you post episode one this evening. Will take me some time to build up the same amount of machinery and fields… but I am glad I can ‘catch’ some ideas along the way ?


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