MASSIVE SOY HARVEST – No Mans Land – Episode 57 – Farming Simulator 22


Welcome to my hard core survival gameplay on No Mans Land where I will struggle to make it with starting debt and nothing to my name but a plot of land.

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  1. Hey FC!
    You talked earlier in the begging of the series, that you were thinking about making oat-drink what happen to that plan?
    I have looked through all of this series and most of your livestream now that I have been home on sick leave due to a arm surgery, and I must say it have been a lot of fun, and making me thinking about starting playing my self if I get a PC and my girls here at home really want a PC as well so it might just happen.
    Looking forward to seeing more from you in the future.
    Best of wishes from Gotland Sweden!

  2. Awesome series. I noticed that you don't have a New Home Builder. I would like to open a Home Building company named J&R New Home Builds. I'm sure we can work something out with Buying some trees for planks 15% higher than market value.

  3. Hey FC, been a loyal follower of your channel for a while now. I've been playing FS since it came out originally by in '08. I love this (and your previous No Mans land series). I've got a business proposition for you. I'd like to open and operate a small regional airport in copper springs. I've seen helicopters flying around the area and It would be good if they could land and refuel. I would also offer crop dusting (check out the Kedrek Farms mod ) services, and can also have emergency services with helicopter flights, and use aircraft to fight any wildfires.

    Can you post a list or links of the mods your are using in this series there are a few that I've seen in the video's that I've really like and would like to get.
    First the mod for the old flat bed trailer that got stolen.
    Second the fill level for the workers harvesters on the right side of the screen
    Third the vehicle status on the bottom of the screen that shows the current maintenance level of the equipment.

    Enjoy your time in Europe.
    All the Best

  4. Contract… Hey FC, you are currently running the largest farm in all of No Man's Land and the surrounding FS communities. As mayor of SimCity we recently had both a hurricane and earthquake hit our city. If you can provide us with 50% of your yields this year at 15% off lowest market value so we can recover quickly. We would be willing to purchase your yields the next 4 years at 5% over highest market values to pay you back.

  5. Business idea. I would like to own a small local shop just to sell some everyday items kind of like a convenance store it can be called "Ali's Drop In Depot". Also been loving the series so far.

  6. Thanks for the mention Farmer Cop! Finally catching up on the series. I’m in charge of the radio station so no worries about the fuel station! Keep up the great work!

  7. Hey FC! Hope you enjoyed your time in the UK and didn’t get caught too much in the recent thunderstorms we’ve been having! A few episodes ago you added a little fish & chip truck to Copper Springs and I’d love to put my name to a little piece of home across the pond if it’s still unallocated. Looking forward to more videos 😊

  8. some people in town wants a post office. people are getting upset because they need to drive to the next town to get there mail.

  9. Hey Farmer Cop. I noticed you don't have a baseball facility in town. I use to be president of my local minor ball organization as well as a coach and umpire. Be glad to manage and run a ball field and baseball league. Thanks Rob House

  10. As your banker and financial adviser I think the best we can do is a million dollar loan with a 15.75% interest rate. Let me and banks know if that works 😉🤣🤣

  11. Love your content. I don't miss a top 10 mod vid. A question, is there a mod available so you don't have to roll the field and still get full yield? I thought i saw one somewhere.


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