Most Profitable Tree In Farming Simulator 22


In this video I test which tree is the most profitable in the Platinum Expansion for Farming Simulator 22.

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  1. Why can't I plant does new trees on other map, i just downloaded a good flat map.
    and wanted to plant many of does new trees like (Ponderosa Pine)
    But when i try to buy it with the new 240 pack. nothing..

    Are the new trees really lock down to one new map?
    (yes, i do own the DLC, playing on PC with Steam version)

  2. I am trying to plant the lodgepole pine but I cannot find it in the store. All tree samplings have all kind of trees but no lodgepol or ponderosa pine 🙁
    Any clue?

  3. Thanks, today I learnt something new, I've always sold 6m trees since my favourite truck only supports 6m to 6.5m. But seeing how 9m is slightly more, I might just change…

  4. After watching this I did some further testing with containers you might want to look into. Filled all 3 sizes, 2 sets, one with Ponderosa one with Lodgepole (all fully grown) and the container selling price it seems it is only affected by weight rather than tree species, the container with the 12m sold for more than the 9m which sold for more than the 6m but the price on say the 6m Lodgepole container was the same as the 6m Ponderosa. The Lodgepole still wins in terms of time efficiency, it yields the heaviest logs when you fell it, so you'll fill out a container quicker and using less trees than if you were to use the Ponderosa, pine or Spruce logs.

  5. Now what about containers sizes?
    I know you already did a video on them but i'd like to know if the different tree kinds matter. (From my knowledge they do but i don't know the exact prices and which tree is the best. Maybe they differntiate from the charts you have shown here.)

  6. I cut em all down then only plant these… yeah, not environmentally sound but I've got enough computer to suppress the environment!

  7. Interesting but a side note, the 4 meter will give the most profit over all. Giants have always had the smaller you cut them the more you make from them, weird but meh it is what it is i guess.

  8. Just came in time!
    Yesterday i wanted to plant some trees, but i coudnt find any Video about the best tree, so thank you!
    I am wondering If there is a diverens in the Liter per tree, If you Take the tree to the Produktionsawmill.
    I Take whole trees to it, but If the liters are better at 9m i will Cut Them down to 9m.

  9. You have to do a price per meter with each piece to see the real price. A nine meter log might pay more as a whole bit the price per meter might be higher with a6 meter

  10. Thanks for the info for getting the best money out of trees. I’m tending to use all trees to go into production chains, so any idea if the amount of litreage is affected by the type of tree and if it matters what lengths you have cut into?

  11. This was awesome, i was wondering about this. I'd like to see this same test but for yield in L when delivered to the old saw mill.

  12. can anyone answer this question, is there anyway to replant thease new tree types on other maps? as ive tried and cant find the new saplings anywhere!

  13. Can’t you cut for example, a 36m tree, let’s say the first 32 meters are good quality, can’t we cut them in 9 9 8 6? 4 pieces with different lengths or will you get less money for different lengths even when not selling in containers

  14. Nov. 21, 2022 Mr. Driver53, I am curious as to whether or not the price of the trees might differ when selling them in the containers at the container warehouse?? My son has been selling Ponderosa Pine in containers and they are selling for more than the Spruce. He has not tried Lodgepole pine yet. Would you be willing to test the containers with the different trees? Thank you sir.

  15. Imo 6m is the best option since lets say you would get a 18m tree that would make 2 9m logs right?! But why not make 3 6m logs? Wouldn't you get more money in the end even thou it pays a little more for the 9m.

  16. They’re most profitable because they’re straight. No damage to them. And they have no broken branches. Which means the longer the stump, the more money you make

    5K -10K a tree leg.

  17. Anyone know if the American elm still has the greatest wood litres? It gave over 9000l for a full tree at the sawmill. Haven't tried the new trees yet.

  18. Is there a chart that shows each tree's diameter at each growth stage? So you know when to cut them based on your tree harvester limit.

  19. Font you need to cut down a tree and the slice it in the different lengths to determine how much the tree is total? Just cutting 9 is fine until your other pieces wipe out you larger profit.

  20. I'm on PC so I can look at the save. There is a new variable introduced with the DLC. Here is an example of a 20ft container:


    <unit index="1" fillType="WOOD" fillLevel="21700.000000"/>



    <woodContainer woodQualityVolume="21938.646484" woodQualityTotalVolume="21938.646484"/>


    This suggests that different pieces of wood do indeed have a different quality attached to them. My feeling is it has more to do with the tapering and maybe the diameter of the logs rather than the tree type. I'm saying this because I noticed an increase in container selling prices of about 10-20% when I started not only to keep the tip but also the 1st – smallest – 6m piece for my own sawmill (your own mill only cares about volume after all).

    Since its DLC we can't look into the game files themselves, since they are encrypted to avoid 'piracy via modding', so I guess we won't know for sure until the next game comes out.

  21. Nice spreadsheet, as always! What about 10 meters? If 9m is good, maybe 10 meters will be better. We have a trailer log mod with 20m long, so we are cutting with 10m, can you do this calc, pls?


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