Oldest Equipment We've Ever Tried Harvesting With | Stone Valley


Uncle Leo is still locked away and things are getting worse. We need to find a way to start making some more money before we can start to figure out what happened to him and his Stone Valley Farm.

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  1. My grandfather had a combine like that one that he pulled with a steel wheeled tractor in the early 1940s farming in Arkansas. It was made of galvanized steel skin with metal interior parts and it did make a huge dust storm with harvesting. I dug it out of a briar patch and hauled it off for scrap in my early teens to help pay for a used truck.

  2. The little Kubota would be mid 80s, so the newest thing on that property. It looks like it could be a B7100 or similar and the sounds unfortunately are waaaaay off, but such is simulator mods

  3. The Farmall looks to be a pre 1936 but after 1930 F-20 or F-30. In 1936 International Harvester switched to the Familiar color for the Farmalls from the old battleship grey color. Since yours is battle ship grey that dates the tractor 1930-1935. It isn’t a Farmall regular because the exhaust would’ve exited out the side on the bottom of the engine. They switched to the top exit exhaust when the F-20 came out which replaced the Regular. They were a noisy loud tractor no muffler lol. Mufflers didn’t come out til 1939 with the introduction of the Letter series Farmalls. The combine is a McCormic-Deering combine, probably a No. 2 combine pull type. They ran off of the stationary engine on the front to drive everything. All the tractor does is pull it lol. It is ancient technology compared to modern stuff but it worked. And it sure beat doing it by hand lol. Back then they would drive the grain truck along side the combine much like they do nowadays, so you didn’t have to stop to unload the combine. That sped things up quite a bit. The only time the tractor stopped was to refuel. No fuel gauge so, they would figure out how long the tractor ran on a tank, just use that time to gauge the fuel. Back then the tractors ran on distillate which was a lower grade cheaper fuel, the small tank on the back of the main big fuel tank is called the starting tank, and it had gasoline in it. You started the tractor on gas, and then let it warm up, and then switched over to distillate after it warmed up. Some parts of the country, they also ran these tractors on kerosene, as it was also cheap, but it was the same starting procedure. Distillate was such a poor grade of fuel, it wouldn’t burn in a cold engine, so that’s why you couldn’t start on it. If the tractor was still warm enough when restarting you could start on it though. They were all hand crank start too no such thing as electric start till around the late 30’s.

  4. Awesome video! I always wished they'd do like an option on Farming Sim where you can use old stuff to work smaller farms. Or even a "generation" mode where equipment is categorized by era. I always tend to prefer older style equipment and tractors, as much as possible without mods. My current tractors (all vanilla) are the Fend Favorit, Burher, and John Deere 4755. The new stuff is cool, I just prefer the older stuff.

  5. I always use the oldest equipment. It's fun getting into the role play aspect of a much older generation even if it makes the job a fair bit harder. Seeing old boys run just feels different in comparison to the new tech

  6. The phrase you was looking for was “seized all his assets” also department of homeland security holy cow Leo was a domestic terrorist probably something unibomber activity based uncle Leo

  7. If you like people questioning everything, question after question In style: "Hm, is there oxygen in the air? I've heard there is. A friend told me, but was he telling the truth? What if he was lying and there is no oxygen in the air? Is oxygen a lie and it doesn't exist? Hm, well I don't know. Maybe I'll take a breath in and see if I have anything to breathe? Or maybe not? Or maybe we'll see after all? But I'm not sure."
    And so for 9 minutes out of 23, by the time the first vehicle starts, then this is video for you.


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