PIGS – Guide to Seasons – Farming Simulator 19


This is a comprehensive series that will cover every aspect of Seasons gameplay in Farming Simulator 19. We will cover growing crops, different seasons, season GEOs, weeds, fertilizer, raising animals, and more. Stay tuned to the channel as the new portions of this series come out.

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  1. Hi, Are any of the animals health directly affected by the weather? Any info is extremely obliged. I have yet to start seasons but after watching these tutorials I will be soon, extremely helpful, thank you

  2. Thanks so much for this . I was wondering if you can start season on a saved game. I never did season but would like to try. I just didn't want to start over on my map. Thanks alot . And take care.

  3. Farmer Cop…I was watching today during the live stream, but you can’t “type in to comment”.

    What am I doing wrong?

  4. I think the bulk price for pig food is lower in seasons so buying pig food in bulk is probably more profitable than growing the food for them.

  5. Great vids, just stated playing about a week ago. Also, and maybe more importantly, thank you for your service from Georgia U.S.A.


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