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In this second part, I’ll look at a couple of things that occured to me from Pt 1 and then look at applying PH (lime) and Nitrogen (fertiliser). How do the new systems work? What do the new live tracking screens show? How do we manually apply products? And then contemplate the complexities of what it all means, throwing out many more questions than I have answers for!!

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to make these videos. They're helping me out a lot, I took a massive break from Farm Sim and the Precision Farming DLC was very overwhelming to come back to! ?

  2. The main intention here is to try and spend the least amount of money and get the best year so you don’t need the the whole field to be dark green when doing this . So using the workers variable rate will basically calculate the amount of fertilizer that will be the most effective and cost effective in that certain soil type

  3. You are not going to get a 'solid state' across the whole field. You just have to play the balancing act and even doing everything right you are going to get different yield amounts across a field unless you just happen to have one soil type in that field.

  4. The DLC is all about precision so you are applying the amount of fertiliser that will cause an ideal yield without spending lots of money on more fertiliser that can cause eutrophication or no effect on the crops at all

  5. from watching his video I think his problem is he doesn’t have a crop in the field… that’s why it’s allowing 4 fertilizer stages. once a crop is in it will be more accurate. I’m thinking you need to plant first then put down lime & fertilizer

  6. Your never gonna get consistent yield year to year. The more inputs you put in, the more you should get out in theory. But to much can cause damage to the crop (ie lodging of the crop). Farming your yields are going to change year to year. You'll never have consistency. The point of the precision farming is to do variable rate fertilizer, seed and so on. Some ground has a higher potential yield then others. So by doing variable rate, you'll put less fertilizer down in areas that simply will not produce the more you fertilize it. It reaches a certain point to where you'll be doing more harm then good.

  7. Okie dokie so finally answered my own question with a full day of trials. ….. Oil seed radish adds 40kg/ha of nitrogen but absolutely nothing to the pH lvls. I have tried with almost all crops and cultivated them in and found they all add 20-40kg/ha of nitrogen. Hope this helps folks.

  8. Your thinking old school farming simulator states, this new dlc doesn’t require a perfect fert stage, each crop requires different levels so you need to take it field by field and only need to be around the green area for a good yield

  9. Welcome to farming IRL!
    It’ll be interesting to see if different crops have different effects on the soil composition as well. IRL we rotate crops because certain crops will use up more nitrogen, while others actually add nitrogen. Same for Ph levels.

  10. The variable lime rate makes sense. Lime will make the soil less acidic, so logically you will never be able to under-apply lime. Every application, from the minutest amount to seriously over-applying will neutralize the acidic soil, thereby increasing the Ph of the soil. To decrease Ph you would in fact have to add acid.

    As far as fertilizer, in the real world, you can keep applying fertilizer in whatever form. More fertilizer can always produce more and better crop, but too much fertilizer can be detrimental. A crop can be "burnt out" by too much fertilizer and not enough moisture. Will that translate in the DLC? And how does Seasons affect it?

    It seems much more realistic, quite a bit more like RL fields and fertilizer application.

    I really like your channel and your very thorough testing methods.

  11. great video as always, sadly you misunderstood the concept of this mod,
    step 1 add lime if necessary normally after 3rd harvest.
    step 2 add muck/slurry to give the base rate to give crop a start.
    step 3 after the crop is at 1st growth state add chemical nitrate for optimal level for crop type as each crop has a different nitrate requirement.
    step 4 the harvest.

  12. I think the level of nitrogen left after a harvest will depend on what crop was planted , potatoes for example extract a lot of nutrients while growing from the soil so would possibly leave you with less nitrogen than say a good cover crop like oilseed rape ( canola ) might ??

  13. now this plowing in crops will that change now in respect of the equipment you use, for instance if you use a plow instead of a subsoiler for instance, that would be wicked but would choosing your equipment be alot harder as well… guess theres only one way to find out 😉 great video Paul thanks for showing all this and going through all the different aspects with us, loving it

  14. Wait till they apply that to tmr mixing forage values change as it sits before feeding if they do it'll be more work lol work in grains and pellets to keep quality high.I doubt it animals been kept same simple fs style but maybe?

  15. I noticed on my map when u've got it set to automatically control it it'll automatically apply the amount needed but it takes more than one pass. If the machine detects the prime amount it auto shuts off & won't apply any more lime or nitrogen unless it needs it.

  16. regarding fertilizing and nitrogen:
    i dont know if it is realised ingame, but in reality it is way more complicated than "the more fertilizer the better"
    first, depending on the soil, it can only hold a certain amount of nutrients, everything else is simply washed out
    also, simply "filling" the soil with fertilzer doesnt mean that the plants are able to use it (check carbon/nitrogen ratio or c/n if you want to read more)
    also may read into CEC or cation exchange capacity, to understand which soil can hold how many nutrients… to make things even more complicated, the CEC is dependent of the pH-value as well

    however, it is possible to kill plants with fertilizer (check "fertilizer burn" to read more) so there might be a loss in yield if you fertilize too much
    but it is dependent on the plant how much it can absorb and use, so fertilizing should always have the next crop in mind

    also, some fertilizer are using nitrate to deliver the nitrogen, and that is quite toxic to wildlife and humans alike
    besides that, if the fertilizer is washed out into the surface or groundwater, it may enhance the growth of algae with in turn uses the oxigen in water wich in turn kills many fishes
    also also, some bactaria are metabolising nitrogen and nitrates into laughing gas (N2O) which is – unfurtunately – a terrible potent greenhouse gas

    this and much more are the reasons why the eu (and others) started initiatives to raise awareness of these issues and encourage farmers and so on to not overuse fertilizer

    so yeah… i ve got the feeling that fs19 got more complicated (or realistic, the world isnt easy)

    oh, and by the way
    i probably remembered most things wrong and didnt mention everything (it is a huge topic), but you can study this (not surprising)
    if you are interested in biology, geography, chemistry and farming, you may wanna take a look

    but i dont know what and how much of this is implemented in the game, testing will tell

  17. You can keep putting fertiliser down Cos you are only going by “ soil type “ at the moment … you don’t have a crop in the ground so you don’t know the right amount of fert you need to put on that soil and that crop. You could be over applying right now and not realise until you put the crop in

  18. Also with big mod reviews if and when possible live stream it. So you have the comments and its alot easier to figure these things out when working together. Then just upload that later. Just a suggestion. Love the videos!!

  19. I noticed on the control menu above the flow rate it said to seed first for best results. Then you added the chemical fertilizer and it said something different about seeding. You will want to get the seed in the ground after the manure or slurry then the game can tell you how much chemical it needs.
    Loving the review, so much to digest keep it up

  20. This is all so interesting! How deep does this DLC actually go right now in terms of soil, nutrient levels, crop types, etc and how they all interact and affect each other!

    Clearly we can see cultivating in a crop adds back nitrogen, will that be the same for stubble and / or will different crop types affect the levels in a way that really promotes good crop rotations to minimise extra fertilising when prepping for the next crop.

    Does this give oilseed radish a new and increased potential as a worthwhile cover crop, especially on seasons??

    Down the rabbit hole we go!! Cheers MrSealyP!

  21. The way I look at it, there is one fertilizer state. There is a constant fertilizer state and instead of adding a fertilizer state, you’re attempting to balance the constant fertilized state. You gotta forget about the “Two fertilizer states” or “Three fertilizer states”. There is one persistent state of fertilizer and you have to maintain/balance that state in correlation to the crop planted

  22. Remember that in the real world if you apply too much nitrogen you will burn and potentially kill the crop, also not all crops require the same amount of nitrogen to reach their full potential.


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