PRECISION FARMING (FREE) DLC | Pt 3 YIELD & ECONOMIC ANALYSIS | Farming Simulator 19 FS19. Modhub. PS5. GIANTS Software. Focus Home Interactive. In this third part, I’ll be looking at Yield and Economic analysis. This was only ever intended to be an overview of the DLC and so far, it has fried my brain!

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  1. only thing i still kind of "hate" the automatic mode does only max 50% of optimal nitrogen. It would be great if we could set a "fertilize till level X"

    I still have to do a calculation for each field to do the minimal whole field optimal, and do the higher amounts with mineral fert. Then it realy is good to cheaply fertilize the fields, and only use mineral where the local area needs a boost from the worst soil type.

    For example grass, when you do auto slurry it does 20-> 100 on loam. Whereas i want to get it to 160 as thats the minium for the whole field if the 3 soil types are mixed, and then do that last 40 N with mineral instead of 100 mineral.

  2. Can you help me please? Playing on chellington valley running seasons and precision farming. Can not understand how the field info can tell you the profit of the crop without selling. First year on the farm.
    Confusing as  there are multiple sell points with lots of different prices so how does the precision farming work out the profit of the crop. Thanks in advance 

  3. I was wondering if you've had a problem seeing the normal fertilizer map for contacts while using precision farming mod, just did a contract and couldn't see any coverage luckily the helpers are pretty good but if I wanted to do it myself it would have to be before any growth so you can see color change

  4. Maybe should have plowed the field in the first episode and then taken a soil sample? See if the plowing helps uniformity?

  5. Just a video to get it set up and put on automatic. To much time for me to do it detailed. Thanks nice set of videos on this

  6. Just still trying to get my head round this. In seasons your yield is negatively affected when you resow or replant the same crop directly after harvesting it as per the crop rotation planner. But on precision farming it says certain crops have a poor yield depending on the soil type. So how do we get over this? Plant or sow a poorly yielding crop directly after just so we can plant or sow the best yielding crop the year after again? 🤔

  7. You said in the video that someone who is good at data analysis, make sense of the field. By over fertilizing your field on 19 the edge is light green, middle yellow, with some near the middle edge dark orange. Now, had you not have over fertilized the field, the color (or yield) would be better, meaning that the edge would now be dark green, middle grass green, with some lighter orange near the middle outer edge. Now what that would tell you if you swap out the colors you got on field 18 (use same method for fertilizing) with field 19's yield, that means across the board you're averaging higher yield in every soil composition.
    Conclusion, don't over fertilize. It will punish your yield.

    Use MANURE/SLURRY/DIGESTATE to bring the field level up before cultivating (1st stage). That will get your nitrogen close to what it should be BEFORE you start planting.
    Use SOLID MINERAL or LIQUID fertilizer (in the planter/seeder) or spreader to balance that nitrogen AFTER it is planted (2nd stage). You may or may not need to do a 3rd stage of liquid or solid mineral.

    Does this all sound about correct? Basically Precision Farms just wants you to follow the same steps (2 stage) fertilization but with a twist, use manure/slurry/digestate before planting for fertilizer in order to get the most of the yield.

  8. Yields are a bit too high with this dlc, I did a field of wheat and averaged 279 bushels per acre, a little too unrealistic

  9. I’ve watched all three videos. I think I’m just going to turn precision off. I’m like you and like the number aspect. But it hurts my brain and that’s not why I game. I get enough brain work at the job I do in real life. And look to this as a relaxer. Great work tho !!! Thank you

  10. About the total earnings not matching what you calculated: Could it be that the values are per hectare and not for the all field?

  11. Now on every map It's a question of what crop grows best in what field. Finding out better soil types for certain crops so specific fields yeild more for certain crops.

  12. I think what we do have now is definitely more variables and im not sure we will ever be able to come to a conclusion on the exact best way to farm. It will vary map to map and field to field.

  13. I think the time has come for all let's play etc fs19 Youtubers to move along with their videos and use the Precision Farming DLC.
    I do believe it will enhance their journey and their subscribers. I love playing this game, and watching the videos. Anyway back to trying to get my head around this new dlc… keep up the wonderful lets play vids

  14. Hi MrSealyp. Great video you explain everything very well.
    I have a question for you If you know what does it mean the "to" (Lime 5454/6.5 to) tnx

  15. Does precision farming affect the way animals are fed? I've filled water,straw and TMR on NO MAN'S LAND for my cows and now that only takes my productivity to 71%,where it used to take it to 100%.The only way to get 100% on my animals now is to also fill hay,silage and grass too.Is this the DLC or my game somehow messing up?

  16. Having situations where you have to figure out how to get the most crop out of a given piece of land is the hardest part of farming in my opinion.This DLC makes you THINK…Not just play the game.

  17. Side note for anyone interested, playing currently on loan oak farms, with midwest us seasons geo, seasons and precision farming working fine for me currently, also worked fine yesterday on my south Brazilian map with the south Brazilian geo, BUT the new Wyther farms map, i had issues with and there seasons geo repeating days. Altough precision farming worked fine for me,

    Ps this is all for ME and the mods ive got, it might not work for someone else aswe know 🤣

  18. Maybe the total earnings says how much you earn compare to standard game? By taking soil samples and adjust ph-level/nitrogen-level based on the soil type, the economic analysis maybe calculates approximately "extra" earnings? Could be something to test.

  19. Are you doing more of these videos?
    See how yield is affected by each crop type and under each fertilising state from manure and slurry to liquid and dry fertiliser?

    Also how this mod affects other areas of the game i.e. contract work. I can tell you now that you are best turning off auto-adjust and setting your application load to the lightest because if you don't you will loose money from those lucrative fertilising contracts.

  20. one thnig i noticed last night when i played with it for the first time when i planted my second crop big areas of the field had no nitrogen but it wouldnt let me add any more fertaliser all the way through th e growing stage so ended up with a really poor crop

  21. According to virtual farmer vids each crop needs different amounts of fertiliser & yield is higher on Lomé ground & you use the mini map when harvesting & check for a bright green line by your harvester 👍

  22. I like everything about this DLC. I like the fact that you can use it at the any level that you wish. I think that MrSealyP has done an incredible job at explaining how this DLC works. Thank you Paul for all that you do to make our gaming experience so much better.

  23. One interesting thing I just found out. The economic screen and the info shown when buying plots only shows info for the actual farming area, as in the actual ‘field’ and not the surrounding area that is on the plot.

    Just loaded up Wyther Farms for a look round and thought I would try it out by plowing out a section of the placable area. Initially it showed no info, but when I reloaded the game it gave me the same info it gives to regular fields.


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