STORE GUIDE – Farming Simulator 22


This video will teach you how to buy, sell, lease, repair, and repaint equipment.

00:00 – Intro
0:24 – Buying Equipment
4:27 – Selling Equipment
5:24 – Repairing & Repainting Equipment
7:06 – Leasing Equipment
8:06 – Outro

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  1. Hi does a vehicles with bad paint affect anything on the vehicle example if it need to be repaird more often or just for its beauty? in FS22

  2. Who's game here wont let them customize some vehicle options? Its gotten so bad that I cant change color, tires, license plate end even engine setup on vehicles.

  3. If I may, I would like to request a tutorial that covers weights and tire weights for the tractors that have them. I am new to the game and I'm having trouble figuring out which weights to use with the various equipment attached to the tractors. I would also like to understand more about the effect of weighted tires and whether I need tractor weights if I have them, etc.

  4. I have a question, I took a contract once and rented the equipment for the job. Now that I have more money, I wanted to buy some of that equipment I then used. But it doesn't show in the store. In the beginning there was also a fertilizer in the store for 50% off which I could not buy or find in the regular store. Is this normal?

  5. Hello! I have difficulty retrieving the stuff I bought from the store. After I bought a tool and a bale of hay it told me that I can access it from the shop. I am going crazy trying to find and use the stuff I just bought and own. Could you please help?

  6. How does the Lease price is actually work? is it per day, per hourly usage of the tool you use? Can someone explain this to me please? Thanks

  7. Ive got a little question….i downloaded the place anywhere repair/sale trigger mod…i can repair vehicles with it but cant sell…theres no sell option in that menu…any tips???

  8. I saw somewhere that fs 22 included the robotic dairy building, is this available now as i could not find it described in the menu

  9. So, no repairing equipment from the menu anymore, you must take all equipment to the shop OR have a repair shop on your farm? FS 19 was so much better on this.

  10. are repair cost broken? because i did 2 feilds prep an everything an the repair cost was 16k an repaint cost 34k. 50k wear down cost an maybe made 10-15k from crop almost better off buying new tractor

  11. Nice summary video, Farmer Cop. I wish they did not remove the leasing cost per hour as that can be a profit killer, but maybe there is no more cost per hour but rather now only ONE lease cost per day (but lease cost per week or month would also be nice). The other thing I would like to see is making it easier to convert a lease into a buy, and the buy costs is lower to already reflect how much usage there is. Keeping the leased equipment rather having to go through the purchasing again, and then going back to the shop to fetch and return to service or having it it delivered again for a fee (mod only feature in FS19) would be nice.

  12. Can you do a quick check video if the leasing costs are still a fixed rate? In FS19 it was 5,1% leasing cost, that is why a 500.000$ potatoe harvester was 25.500 to lease

  13. Saw the discord notification, went to the channel…didn't see the video so I had to use the link in the discord
    Good job youtube 😛


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