SUGARMILL GUIDE – Farming Simulator 22


This video will teach you everything you need to know when using the Sugarmill in Farming Simulator 22.

00:00 – Intro
0:17 – Placing/Buying Facilities
1:30 – Inputs & Outputs
2:17 – Productions Menu
5:40 – Inputting Products
6:18 – Storing Mode
7:29 – Selling Mode
8:20 – Distributing Mode
9:21 – What to do with the Products?
9:40 – Outro

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  1. Thank you so now i own the dairy and the sugar mill ,I guess i have to grow sugar Caine as I all ready have cows for milk .

  2. How does the production rate change if you have different inputs? Do they add up or divide between the different resources? Example, if I put 10 000 litres of beets it goes through 1000 per hour and produce 500 litres of sugar. But if I input all three, will I get 500 litres of sugar or add them up to 500 + 500 + 600 = 1600 sugar per hour?

  3. When it’s set to auto distribution to another factory does it cost a fee as apposed to delivering it yourself?

  4. If you set it to distribute and you have both a dairy and a bakery, does it divide the output equally? If you have one of them turned off, does it just use the other? I suppose the best option would be to set to store and deliver manually.


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