THE DARK FOREST – EARLY ACCESS – Map Tour – Farming Simulator 22


This is an early access look at the Dark Forest the Next Chapter by the Shanty Boys Map Creations.

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  1. Alright! Next to No Man´s Land this was THE map that i used for hundreds of hours in FS 19, working my way through the wood south to the sawmill, making wide streets (first to the gas station, then the sawmill, then the lake and finally the animal shop) and clearing space for fields and productions (many NF Marsch productions [including the mega-complex]). And now in FS 22 we even have terraforming vehicles. Now i only need buildable streets 🙂

  2. Who says forestry is not farming? Just because the crops take 40-60 years to grow does not mean it's not a renewable crop.

  3. Looks interesting to say the least i never do much forestry but I'd be willing to try it out with this map.

  4. Good review/tour video FC. Can't wait to get my hands on this one, hopefully it does come to console as well.

  5. I hope this comes to console. I’m still playing Dark forest on fs19. Got about 700 hours on it. Thank you shanty boys.

  6. The current fs19 version of this map doesn't allow edge trees to be cut so hopefully it's fixed this time around

  7. This map looks super cool! I love how we have to cut our own roads. That sold me on it. I hope it comes to console. Looks like it should be able to imo

  8. You should do a play through on shanty valley that one had a lot of rivers but both maps are nice great video

  9. I wish forestry equipment was somehow easier to operate on console. I love it until bunching and loading… nearly impossible


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