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  1. Great video as always Randy! Keep up the great work! With Auto Drive working so well, you can now tell Courseplay to go eat your heart out. Not sure why Courseplay's developers can't seem to fix Courseplay. Even their latest version is dirpy as all get out.

  2. If you go into debug screen in autodrive and chose route or course, on your map any trouble spot in route will show up as "-" negative it helped me as I kept add more routes to autodrive.

  3. Load mode fills and then drives to the destination and parks without off loading. Pickup and Deliver mode will offload at the destination and return to refill.

  4. Seems the fruit type does matter. When you were setting the truck course up for field 10 the first trip to the dump you had canola and the truck had soybeans. Found out why I was surprised with the wrapped barley. Maize Plus did that. That mod creates WCS out of wheat and barely straw. It's the first time I've used Maize Plus.


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