TOP 10 MODS FOR ALL PLATFORMS – Farming Simulator 19


This is my list of my personal top 10 mods for all platforms on Farming Simulator 19. Links to all mods are below.

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Composite Machine Sheds:

CSZ Equipment Pack:

Milling Machine:

Lizard Re-Useable Pallets:

LIZARD Subsoiler 6M:

International 1455/1255 XL:

West EP End Dump Pack:

Johnston Brothers Modular Trailer:

Lizard Auger Master:

Grain Silo Set With Multifruit:

Straw Blower Gyrax BIG CONFORT:

ArtMechanic Pop6x:

LIZARD Trex600:


ArtMechanic Transport Cattle Pack:

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  1. Hey for everybody who has the brand new beast 1000 mod it is a very good vehicle but for people who did not know it has a hitch on the front where the winch it try it if you dont believe me its very useful in tight spaces

  2. Anyone else not seeing the milling machine in their mod menu?? In from the UK if it’s location based. Tried searching for it and nothing comes up 🙁
    Is there a special way to get it other than in the mod menu in the game?

  3. I used the MissyB silos until the Mega Silo pack came out. Just after Eureka Farms debuted, the " Wood Silo " was introduced. 10,000,000 litre dry and wet. Check it out, it will change your farming.

  4. I combine 2 of the mods in vid for silage just get the man truck with the attachment on the front and get the milling machine on the front and lizard auger trailer on the back and hey presto quick bulk silage

  5. Very good mod list I use half that list and they work wonders for me. Question do you have a video of sessions during winter. I'm trying to get the idea of the tasks of winter before I use sessions

  6. Thank you for the all platform review. I like your presentation. Your very well spoken. I have fs19 on consol. I have enjoyed your other series. Keep up the good work.
    Lived on a farm. We had 40 head in Ontario Canada.

    Moders and map developers
    Where are the stones? Need them in the fields. Picking stones it was spring backbraking work.

  7. What is even better about the International 1255/1455 is that it comes in 3 diffrent versions in the modhub. A gen 1, the gen 2, and the latest Case version with a diffrent front end. The last one also has the "beast" engine option that adds 20 more hp to the 1455 XL. I really love them too!
    Great tire choices available aswell.
    If you ever wondered why the hydraulic connection of the Stoll front loader won't connect properly, you will need to download the Stoll F30 "Robust" front loader from another mod site. It is designed to work with the International/case and Fendt modded tractors. Unfortunatly the Stoll Robust is pc only because it is not on the mod hub, the hauer is though.

  8. Really nice video! Unlike most other FS youtubers, who are otherwise very good, you are excellent in summarising all the key information without rumbling on. Very practical selection of mods too. Unfortunately, some of these are unrealistic and "arcade", so I don't use them (esp. milling machine and 6m subsoiler). They ruin the gameplay balance for me.


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