truck driving school simulator




  1. In driving school do they teach you to go into other peoples lanes cuz your truck is to big? I guess truckers are immune to traffic laws seeing as they make illegal turns all day

  2. Nah these simulators are trash they fail miserably in teaching you to drive, they offer zero depth perception to properly judge things, they're only good for teaching, road hazard conditions and what to look for, beyond that when it comes to driving its pretty worthless, and for the record my company has the exact simulator and I've used them many times.

  3. His thought , I'm so fired and how an I gonna tell my old lady 😬 so im gonna lie to her and say that it was the other persons fault 🤥 🤥. Wait a minute… duh, it's fake whew. I was trying psych myself out 🤣🤣.

  4. And people complaining about ATS/ETS2 having bad graphics this look like early 2000, joke aside this look cool, also one truck school here in Sweden did use The first Euro truck simulator for training, idk if they use ETS2 because I was like 12 when I learn that

  5. Honestly, school districts should install something like this, but make it so that instead of a truck your driving a school bus


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