UNLOADING & LOADING – Part 2 – Farming Simulator 22


This video will teach you how to use the unload, deliver, and load features in Autodrive.


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  1. Hello i follow you on Youtube and i have a problem with Auto drive fs 22 when i do pickup and deliver, i set my wypoint far enough so that the tralier passes but it never wants to unload itself. did i miss a setting? also on just deliver it does not unload itself? Further thanks for the nice streams. Greetings John

  2. I also advise to make the target point on a further down waypoint from the trigger. At default you have 50 meters circle around the targert point which you can make bigger in the settings

  3. The load mode is very helpful for filling implements. When courseplay and autodrive communicate again like they did in fs19, you can do it all at one time. Courseplay do the fieldwork and then when its empty it hands control over to autodrive to fill seed and fertilizer and back to fieldwork. Autodrive can fill from multiple silo if the are close together.

  4. FC, if you hold down LALT and right click on the Red ball it will delete it as well. and if you hold down LCNTRL and left mouse click it adds a node to the map. Makes it much easier to finish off a route or add more nodes to a corner.

  5. Does this require actually being in the vehicle, or could you set it up so that, for example, a truck with a trailer just automatically drives to a sell point and sells its contents, then drives back and parks itself where you told it to?


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