UPDATED, How To Use Autodrive Reverse Function – Part 2 – Farming Simulator 19


UPDATED. This is an updated version of my tutorials on how to use the autodrive mod. This video shows off the reverse function of autodrive.

Autodrive Mod:

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  1. Is there any way to connect two points as reversing with the mouse? I can only seem to get the one way forward or both direction forward to come up.

  2. I tried to use the park function on auto drive as u said in ur previous tutorial videos but it does not work. Can u do a tutorial on just the 'P' function on auto drive thanks

  3. Great set of tutorials! With the reverse function, it seams when recording it that it is probably best to do that without a trailer on. CoursePlay is like that anyways and I imagine it holds true here too.

  4. Not sure if you gave up on the AutoDrive tutorials or not. Would be interesting to know more about the settings menu. First test run on Ravenport and the truck rammed right into the crossing arms for the train and proceeded to do a four wheel burnout waiting for it to clear… I tried adjusting the Collision height thinking it may have been too high to see the arms (2m is in theory above the arms) and even at just 1.75m it started slowing for random changes in elevation (the side of the road between field 4 and the main road North of 4). The turn signal was also weird, I tried it's lowest setting and it began signaling (indicating) while taking the bend below the ranch, but not the bend between field 10 and the train silo… Last but not least before enabling the connect at end I was using the mouse to make the final connections, for some reason this caused the helper to take erroneous routes off the main path and right back on to it (oddly taking the path with the hand added route OVER the system recorded one…).

    Stay Safe kid 😉

  5. Question (not specifically about this video) – Do you know of anyone who has put together a "technology tree" which shows how various crops are processed? For instance, what needs to happen before, during, and after planting wheat? What are the by-products? What other technologies cross with wheat to make new products or are used by other functions (i.e. animals)?
    This seems like it would be immensely helpful in planning a farm.

  6. An ambitious but awesome video I'd love to see, is a full path set for one of the maps. There must be an optimal strategy for driving the roads in the lanes with 1 way paths, and pulling into stores, sell points etc. I'm sure with a map like Dalton Valley that's near enough a loop you could have autodrive for most things you might want to do on the farm.

    I think the holy grail for Farming Sim is when map makers can bake autodrive paths into the highways and byways of their maps, and then we as end users can tweak/add on to interact with the new buildings, fields etc that we place.

  7. When I do the initial recording of the backing up to the bunker silo do I need to have a trailer on it if I'm going to be using it with a trailer? I stink at backing up with trailers. Hopefully that made sence.


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