"Wartburg" New Mod Map Tour in Farming Simulator 19


NEW MOD MAP FOR FARMING SIMULATOR 19!!! This is a tour of the new mod map in Farming simulator 19 called Wartburg. This map was created by Neroxc.

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Map created by: Neroxc

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  1. Sadly you can't fill the underground mine… at least not on console.
    I just tried haha it says you don't own the land, and won't allow you to buy the land that is above it. Fingers crossed we might get an update to allow it

  2. Love the map review! Your enthusiasm and positive attitude shows on every video. Thanks for being a bright spot in these trying days.
    I flattened out the quarry area and built a horse ranch. Map is wonderful for riding horses. 🐎

  3. Hello FarmerCop. Thanks for all the videos, especially the guides, they're great. I recently watched your landscaping guide but I'm facing a big problem. Basically, I'm playing on Felsbrunn and I had this whole idea of obviously starting out with field 19 and 20. But to make money and buy 17 and 18 for growing and harvesting. Then 27, 28 and 29 for placeables. Then 21 and 22 for my whole animal setup. So I finally saved up enough money to buy field 28 and wanted to make a nice little area of greenhouses (mods obviously) to generate a little bit of a steady income to invest into buying other equipment and eventually realizing my whole vision. But that's when I stumbled upon the fact that Felsbrunn is a very, very hilly map and it's pretty much impossible to place any placeables without ruining the terrain. Eventually it makes it so steep that I can't reach my greenhouses with my tractor. I tried almost everything already but even with the placeanywhere with global company mod it still messes alot with the terrain. Also when smoothing the edges, the grass is not the same as the usual grass around Felsbrunn, so that ruins it too. Do you maybe have any last tips? I'm so frustrated I suddenly don't even feel like playing anymore. I invested over 60 hours into doing contracts and working my own fields with the starting equipment just to save up all this money to start expanding and realizing this vision I had just to see it get ruined by terrible game design 🙁


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