WELCOME TO OUR NEW FARM – Survival Roleplay S3 | Episode 74


The construction of the new farm is well underway.
Vote when prompted –

Welcome back to my game mode which I like to call ‘Survival Roleplay’.
This is Farming Simulator 19

For mod credits please go to the end of this video.

Music and SFX by Epidemic Sound
Vector Images by Pixabay

#farmingsimulator19 #survivalroleplay #fs19



  1. Daggerein who did you steal that shed from because the milking machines alone in that shed are worth 500 000 and you only paid
    75 000

  2. Hey dagger,the tractor you want to restore is a Belarus T-40,just in case you need to buy parts online😉

  3. It took me three weeks but I have watched every episode til here. Keep up the great work and hope to see more soon.

  4. Just passing?? How many times has he passed without stopping? You start a new venture and wham, he's in your face. I don't trust him one bit. neither should you.

  5. Its the firts time in 3 months i watch this….you have made a lot or progress and can't believe Dennis is gone…amazing work!💪💪


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