10 FEATURES YOU DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT – Farming Simulator 22 – (Part 2)


This list has 10 in game features for all platforms that you may have not realized were in the game. (Part 2)

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  1. The raise/lower all and turn on/off all was in FS19 but you had to set up a keybind for it as it was blank in FS19 by default

  2. See my problem with snapping onto trailers is the fact that it also applies to trailers used to transport things. I found that once I put an item down on a trailer it's almost impossible to get it off. You basically have to rip it off of the trailers gravitational well.

    It's great when you're driving with the stuff because it will stay in place but I wish there was a way to turn it on and off so that I can easily get things that I put on the trailer off.

  3. Is it possible to do a test of yield-, fuel- and seed-usage penalty levels in case of damaged harvesters and seeders?

  4. So happy the sunflowers move with the sun.. If only my helpers could actually harvest a field without getting stuck or missing half because it's a round field…

  5. My favorite detail is trailer tires will have that squish look with the tires buldging once they get allot of weight in them

  6. The funny thing about the pistons when I first played a few days ago I seriously thought that was someone knocking at my front door it was so loud and well done lol

  7. Really nice items to go over. I dont know if old or new feature: sit in a tractor, engine off, in the rain. It has nice sounds to it. I heard it randomly on another content creator's channel. It was just like sitting in your car on a rainy day

  8. Wow i learned a couple of things! Also there is the crunching sound when you drive on a harvested field. Ctrl+V will raise/lower all with out turning it on or off.

  9. Not all header trailers seem to have the snapping feature. Try loading a helianthus header on the suggested black header trailer.

  10. the contract finish bonus is for all contracts not just cotton, any extra goods from a contract are added as a sold bonus or you can just keep the extra goods if there are any

  11. Thanks FC. I am Still managing to play even though my first child was born last week! Little farmer in training, I think.

  12. Before you buy a header trailer make sure it is “Compatible” with your header. Not all headers will snap onto all header trailers. For instance the header trailer on Calmsden Farm, the initial trailer provided, is the wrong trailer for that header.

  13. I would like to add, to the Manure/Slurry Info, you can in the settinges where you ask AI to buy fertilizer , ask the AI to take from your Pigsty, or Manure pits insted, saveing you a ton of transport, but still not paying primium price for the ai to buy the stuff


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