ALPINE EXPANSION DLC ERLENGRAT #4 / Clearing the Way / Farming Simulator 19 XBOX 1S Let’s Play.


Alpine Expansion DLC Erlengrat #4 / Clearing the Way / Farming Simulator 19 XBOX 1S Let’s Play. GIANTS Software. Focus Home Interactive. Lets Play series, on FS19 Alpine Expansion DLC by Giants Software. 6 Day Seasons, Swiss Geo, and Straw Harvest mods enabled. In episode 4 we continue to clear the upper pasture and make a tidy profit from the forestry. We then turn our attention to creating 2 new fields using the Fendt and Rigitrak to prep the fields ready for sowing. It is still too cold for planting, but everything is ready to go.

Music downloaded from Youtube music library:

“Moons” – Patrick Patrikios



  1. A shame to see so much money left on the table there. Any tree length over 9 meters or under 6 meters in length takes a penalty as does not trimming the tips off the trees. All told you probably only got about 55% of the actual value of the wood there as if they had even had the tips trimmed and been cut in half you would have gotten closer to 90% of their value. (exactly lengths are hard to get by just eyeing it up.)


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