Crossplay is coming to Farming Simulator 22

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  1. Great news. I chipped in to get my nephew an XBox One X last Christmas, who loves FS19, but put off getting myself one and now… well, you know the rest. Luckily I have a decent PC so looking forward to this game.

  2. I hope they improve the MOD management in FS22 then, less of a problem on console, but there is a good chance PC players will have MODs that aren't available to console and trying to remember what ones need to be turned off/on depending on if you are playing online or your offline map could be a problem. This is generally not a problem on PC because we normally have the headroom in memory to have MODs enabled even if we aren't currently using them in the farm.

  3. woohoo crossplay… just another meaning for wer downgrading your pc experiance so that console players can play with you.. yep thats why our graphics and lighting sucks because wer lowering your experiance so others with cheap consoles can play in ur game.. dont no about other pc players but if you understand how games work ul understand why pc gamers should be annoyed with this consoles arent even close to a high end gaming pc which means graphics and basicaly everything is downgraded in order for the game to play in the same way for everyone.. big thumbs down from me

  4. That is really great. Now i can start playing with my best friend. But one question with save progress. If i am host i save all the data next time my data stays but what about the data of my friend? Must he start from beginning?

  5. with the addition of crossplay do you think we will be able to ride together in the same vehicle if there is two seats like the passenger pc mod

  6. This is great news! only 1 feature which makes multiplayer even better and that's downloading all missing mods when trying to join a multiplayer game / server.
    Now it can be a lengthy and tedious process of installing all mods you need, especially when on console

  7. im actually a bit concerned, this means console limitations on maps and mods for pc as we've seen with FS19.
    the increased player model character options is a good thing.

  8. now i kinda wanna see a south texas map with starships launching in the background although id proberly spend way to much time watching the rockets launch

  9. Starship? Ok someone needs to make a Riverside, Iowa map where the skybox has the starship under construction from the 2009 Star Trek reboot.

  10. Well it's going to be hard for console players to join pc players when must-have mods exclusively come to pc.

  11. That'd be nice if they actually fixed the netcode. Every server is laggy in every FS game if your ping isn't under 40. Which is absolutely horrendous for modern games and there's really no excuse for it.
    Can't even imagine how bad the lag will be in crossplay servers.

  12. Console players will be getting upset because they won't be able to play with hardly any pc players because of the non mod hub mods they use.

  13. PC players use mods not necessarily available to console players. ALso, even some modhub mods are different on PC and console….


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