Autodrive Tutorial – Combine Offload and Courseplay Integration – Farming Simulator 19


Welcome to another video looking at how to use Autodrive, this vid is specifically designed to look at the combine offload course in Autodrive and how it works seamlessly with Courseplay and will help you immensely in Farming Simulator 19 especially on large maps.

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A Beginners Guide To AutoDrive – Farming Simulator 19 – Tutorial

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial, for some reason the vehicle with the auger behind it, follows the route waypoints of the trailer and parks behind the trailer where it should drive to the unload auger waypoint. When the tractor has a full auger, it drives to the correct waypoint of the field, and then it picks up the waypoints of the trailer next to his own route. Not every time, sometimes it follows the correct route.

  2. Dear sir I know this video is very old but the part where you say you use course play for the Harvester can you use Auto Drive and do the whole thing with just the auto drive mod? Please and thank you

  3. Oh man I had been having such a rough time remembering how to use a.d. lol thanks again for this man!
    Also, alot of my issues started stemming from having had old versions of either courseplay and autodrive, after removing both and getting the newest updates it started to actually work lol

  4. Hello from Norway, Sorry about my bad english but I realy need your help to fix a huge problem 🙂 I have tryed to set up Harvester and tractor with trailer to unload the harvester. BUT.. When the harvester call's the tractor, the tractor drives up to the harvester and dosnt stop to unload it. it just contine to drive past the harvester. What the hell is wrong? ?
    I have the option "stop when unloading on"

  5. Brilliant video, as a newcomer to auto drive and course play after my upgrade from console to computer your tutorials are invaluable. Many thanks for your hard work keep it up.

  6. Hi, not sure you read posts on older content but thought I should at least mention the Issue I had trying to implement this. For my test I duplicated the steps shown is this video.
    In my case I purchased a Grain cart that holds 27K and then used a smaller trailer of 20K to unload it. The first unload seemed to work but since the grain cart was not fully unloaded it sat there waiting for the smaller trailer to return. In the meantime the harvester stopped running as it was full. Tried the same test a second time but went with a trailer that holds 48K and it seemed to work correctly but it still took a bit of micro management as the grain cart driver kept getting hung up while trying to get close to the larger trailer for unloading. Have you seen this behavior? Is it a bug or should I have known better? 😉

  7. Thanks for your help, I feel like and idiot but I could have sworn that I had tried that and it shut down the tractor… I don't know. But I have another question completely unrelated. Why does all of the data on screen disappear when I press O for pipe out? It will return when I bring the pipe back in. I am sorry for the off topic question, I should take this to a forum somewhere. Thanks and God bless.

  8. I am still new to Farm Sim and Auto Drive. Please tell me how you jump out of a vehicle that is running a route. I have been using the tab key to switch to the next vehicle and that is not always convenient. I love your videos, keep them coming.

  9. Great video (as always)! I am kind of confused on how you had the tractor automatically unload the harvestor. Is there a specific setting in courseplay that you have to set on the harvestor to automatically detect the tractor? Or is that done automatically in auto Drive? Thank you again for such a good video!


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