CROPS & THE MT9 – Guide to Seasons – Farming Simulator 19


This is a comprehensive series that will cover every aspect of Seasons gameplay in Farming Simulator 19. We will cover growing crops, different seasons, season GEOs, weeds, fertilizer, raising animals, and more. Stay tuned to the channel as the new portions of this series come out.

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0:00 – Intro
0:49 – The MT9 Tool
1:47 – Seasons Differences with Crops
15:31 – Going Through a Crop Cycle

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  1. I'm on loan oak on the xbox1. And my canola does not have a plant or harvest point? Even though the germination in 50° can I still plant it and grow if it has not shown up.. just like your cotton option?

  2. Playing on console I planted at the proper time and proper temperature in spring yet my crops never got to a mature enough state to harvest my wheat stayed at 83% growth for 4 straight days on a 3 day season cycle corn eventually grew but it was already the first day of winter when it grew which the moisture was to high to harvest I’m not sure of what to do I’ve looked through most of my mods and they’re all seasons ready was excited to play with seasons but seems like it’s bugged (playing on griffin Indiana with the south Sask geo)

  3. Hey man I really need help. If there is anyone willing to help me as well I would appreciate it

    I play fs19 on my laptop and currently I dnt have a mouse I run it on medium graphics stable 60fps

    I can't switch to my hand tools bec I can't scroll I use the touch pad. I need help please

  4. I'm having trouble understanding the fertilizing stages in seasons with the precision farming dlc. It says that I have just one stage but the levels are perfect so it doesn't allow me to keep fertilizing. I hope it doesn't screw the yield

  5. Growth – there are more growth stages than base game, so seasons "borrows" the first ready to harvest crop image as a growth stage. Just because the crop looks ready to harvest, check the map or other field info!!!

    However, this does mean you have adequate time to get those 3 stages of fertilization down – 1st either when your planting (with a planter that supports seeds & fertilizer), or immediately after planting before you see any growth. Of course you can put down "natural" fertilizer before you even plant, so there's that too. Just remember you can only put down 1 chemical per change in field state, so herbicide OR fertilizer, fertilizer OR manure.

    So that last point is important for grass, you get 1 free fertilizer stage from cutting grass, but then you only have 2 growth states before it's ready to harvest, so that means either 2 stages of fertilizer OR 1 fertilizer and 1 herbicide – taking the first option will eventually mean that your field is eventually overrun with weeds, taking the second means less than maximum yield. However there is a window just before winter, where you can put down a chemical, and then the grass resets to zero growth for winter, so there is then 2 further growth stages in spring where to can get full fertilization and herbicide – but it takes timing! Consequently with a grass operation you might want to consider a weeder, in order to spot weed any new weeds as soon as they appear. You will need to get out there once per season period (early, mid, late) to deal with weeds in place, but it doesn't take long as they're only growing in small patches.

    Weeds can be an issue, they will grow at any time except "ready to harvest" and "withered" (might want to check on this last one). I have seen weeds appear during harvest on sections of the field which I have already harvested – so they don't wait until midnight! – so no yield loss, but they're there. Also plowing, cultivating, planting, harvesting and mowing can destroy weeds, BUT they're still there and they will grow back quickly to 2nd stage (full) growth, so these actions are NOT a fix, and will eliminate the option to use a weeder. I have also noticed that weeds can grow back on grass fields immediately after mowing and these weed patches are also full growth – might be a bug, but it's definitely annoying considering the limited window of chemical application between mowing, and that you cannot weed full growth weeds.

  6. Have you noticed germination being more likely to fail when you planted at soil moisture below 12%? In the seasons menu it's pointed out that it should be more likely to fail in very dry conditions but I didn't notice a huge difference yet…


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