Farm Sim News! Precision Farming For All Platforms, TLX9000, & Crazy Chipper! | Farming Simulator 19


Farm Sim News – November 18, 2020
“Precision Farming For All Platforms, TLX9000, & Crazy Chipper!”
FSNews FS19 – Farming Simulator 19

0:00 – Farm Sim News
0:11 – Today’s Top Stories
0:48 – PC Mods In Testing
2:07 – Console Mods In Testing
2:31 – Precision Farming Blog!
7:25 – TLX 9000!
7:54 – WbM Diamant 2000!
8:45 – Case IH 2566 Update!
9:09 – Hesston 4900 Baler!
9:30 – Lizard LKS & Bulk Carrier!
9:53 – Dasch’s Workshop!
11:30 – Hotel FS!
11:45 – Sad News From Shaba! =(
12:37 – Mod Release Dates & Recap!
13:00 – Outro
13:33 – It’s Stream Day!

Mods In Testing –
News Mods List –
Giants Blog –
82 Studio –
Whitebull –
Agro Tonho –
4D Modding –
Cola Mods –
Dasch –
GB Modding –
Shaba FS –

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🔶 Custom Farm Sim News PC Specs! 🔶
CPU – AMD Ryzen 7 2700X 8-Core 16-Thread 3.7 GHz
Graphics Card – Nvidia RTX 2070 Super – Founders Edition
Motherboard – Gigabyte X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming ATX
Memory – Corsair Vengeance LPX 32 GB 3000mhz DDR4
Capture Cards – Elgato 4K60 Pro (Internal)
Storage – WD Blue SSD M.2 500 GB, WD 1 TB Hard Drive
Power Supply – MasterWatt 650 Watt 80 Plus Bronze
Case – Cooler Master MasterCase H500 Mesh
Fans – 3x Cooler Master 200mm RGB, 1x 120mm
Microphone – Shure KSM27
Interface – Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 2nd Gen

🔶 Video Editing Computer! 🔶
iMac Retina 5k 27” 2019
CPU – Intel Core i9 8-Core 16-Thread 3.6 GHz
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  1. Here we go! We are getting closer to the release date announcement of the Precision Farming Project, which will be coming to all platforms! Yus!!!
    Today's New Mods! "Flyable Drone, International Transtar, + New Trucks & Maps!" (23 Mods) –
    Check back soon for a link to today's Live Stream on Bucks County, PA! "Big Canola Harvest With TLX9000 DjGoHam Edition!"

  2. I've playied Precision Farming today on my Erlengrat save (Alpine farming expansion) with Seasons19 and MaizePlus (no CCM extension, too many fruit types on the ground /sadface/) enabled and it is working great. Cool statistics, great real-time changing minimap (this could've been in base game!), but this addon does not contribute much into game complexity. I mean it's really cool, but at this point lime and generic fertilizer seem to be simply replaced by more real-life terms (Nitrogen and pH, accordingly). Soil type on the other hand can be easily overlooked by using automatic dosage in spreaders – they automagically select perfect amount of fertilizer/lime on the go. It becomes much more difficult in manual dosage mode, to the point I had to run several times across the field to achieve perfect pH on entire field, including patches of different soil. What I want to say, it is too easy on auto, and too difficult/not satysfying experience on manual dosage mode of spreader.
    I wish there is something in between.

    I'd really like to see other elements playing in crop growth: phosphorus, sulphur and so on. Nitrogen alone is very important, but not enough IRL. And definitely more soli types, as present four ones create too distinctive patches on fields. IRL the soil type changes smoothly – this could've been simulated by percentage amount of sandy/loamy soil components (eg. sandy soil good for potatoes but requires lots of lime vs more loamy soil, suitable for cereals).

  3. Precision Farming seems like an ideal opportunity to introduce sectional control for sprayers. 😏
    I really love the economic analysis and RTK stations, but I’m excited for the added realism as a whole.

  4. Did anyone else notice the John Deere gator that was hooked up and charging on the power station at 4:42 in the video wonder if that’s on purpose or not? Like something down the pipe

  5. In my best impersonation of the DjGoHam that I can, "Precision Farming LETS GOOOOOooooo!"
    All joking aside, I can't wait for this to release. Thank you Dj for this wonderful news.

  6. Now I know this question is a long shot but do you think courseplay will have any effect with rtk hubs allowing that worker to adjust on the fly?

  7. I really hope FS continues to take a super realistic turn, with options to disable it of course for people who don't want it super realisitc

  8. Precision Farming will make this the true simulator many of us have been asking for. I'll pay whatever for it. Truly amazing looking. Love the cost screen for a field after harvest. So simple. If this can be done , so can some form of gps or course play. At least I have hope again

  9. Quick question for you. I play on Xbox One and I was wondering if there is a way to delete or remove the latest DLC from the map menu?

  10. It will make the game way better for people that like to role play. I have a wheel and pedals it is way better I wish the side panel worked for xbox who else wishes that and hi dj

  11. The Precision Farming project is going to be such a huge game changer. Bringing it that much closer to reality. This game has come such a long way from when I started playing.


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