Farming Simulator 19 – 4K – Map First Impression – Hof Talbauer


Hof Talbauer –

Welcome to the Talbauer farm!

Michel and his wife Anna took over his grandfather’s farm. This is nothing new for Michel, as he spent his entire life on the farm. In addition, Michel has successfully completed education as a farmer, which at least on paper certifies his ability … but no education teaches as much as life: By growing up in a cross-generational company, by observing his grandfather’s hands and By imitating his role model, Michel matured into a real farmer at an early stage.

And the professional school? It was good for at least one thing … for the love! Michel met and fell in love with his current wife Anna there … and now the two young farmers run a farm with 10 dairy cows, 5 chickens, 1 rooster, 10 hectares of arable land and 9 hectares of grassland. It is a very well-run business that is constantly being modernized and mechanically upgraded … and plans for the future have already been forged: the business is to be acquired through the acquisition of more arable land (13 ha) and meadows (4 ha) as well as increasing the number of dairy cattle can be enlarged significantly.

In addition to his visions for the future, Michel does not forget his roots either: a 45-year-old Fiat 1300 DT rests in the old parking space behind the courtyard. This tractor was the pride of his grandfather and that’s why Michael decided to repair, clean and paint this tractor and keep the Fiat 1300 DT at the farm forever … out of appreciation for the man who taught Michel everything, what he knows today about agriculture and life … and when Michel takes the old Fiat out of the barn and steers it over the long bumpy dirt roads … then he will hear his grandfather’s voice: ‘can you feel it? THAT’S FREEDOM!’

And now it’s up to you, slip into the roles of Anna and Michel and continue the story of the Talbauer farm!

What are you waiting for? Let’s do it!
Game Farming Simulator 19
Manufacturer Ka77e
Category Map
Author Ka77e
Size 90.31 MB
Released 06.10.2021
Platform PC/MAC, PS4, XB1

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  1. Hey FK,

    Thank you for the fantastic map review! You consistently develop tremendous new content!

    In Hof Talbauer, here again, Ka77e demonstrated such careful and skilled capability plus talent for fine detail packed into a small space. It is certainly no easy feat.

    Your review of Ka77e's other map, Kleins Land, is also excellent. You inspire me to play both of these, and experience these micro map and mini map implementations.

    You asked for thoughts about FS22. Concerning that, I am super excited about the new production chains, build options, crops, small machines, and ambient occlusion for fields, among so many other things. FS22 appears to build excellently on lessons learned from FS13, FS15, FS17 and FS19 and push the technology to the next level. FS15 and FS19 are my two faves so far. I burned out on FS15 after 700+ hours, but for FS19 and FS22, it is looking like it could be many times that amount!

    Some of what Seasons, MaizePlus, and Global Company provide now are native to FS22, and so that will give modders an improved foundation for their next set of mods, since the mods are constrained by the native functions underlying them.

    I heard you mention in the Precision Farming video that the Giants / EIT Food / John Deere collaboration promises to extend and enhance Precision Farming in the future, and I wonder how that will materialize in FS22.

    Some cool things I would like to see at some point are fisheries, port operations, mining, and more detailed house building and crafting, such as cooking dishes furniture and art canvases, paints, and auctions, using crafting functions plus various inputs from crops and dairy and other productions and operations in FS22. These things would also help to offset repetition issues by creating more diversity and variety to game play, including multiplayer. I cannot wait for November 22 to get here so I can start a new FS22 save game and guided by your outstanding videos!

    Keep up the fantastic work!!

  2. im currentally playing this map haveing alot of fun on it so far im a big fan of small maps so far eveything seems to work properly didnt like the fact theres no bga system on the map but was able to place a small one with no issues dont like were the eggs spawn inside the coop would like to see them outside and more crops added in ( millet,carrots onions trictacle etc) was suprised fields are a lil bigger then they look great for the small equipment im currentaly running a jd farm running 6 meter equipment


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