Farming Simulator 19 | Alpine DLC | Ep. 1 – Trains


Alpine DLC Tutorial:

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  1. Just FYI, you can start off as new farmer and you dont have to use Ravenport map. Its starts you off with a farm and the new dlc equipment.. happy farming

  2. I like the 'Simulator' part of Farming Simulator 19, which is why I adore 'Seasons' Miss it on yours.
    To simulate, I can win a $5 million lottery (could happen, but extremely unlikely, but could) and buy some land. Don't like the house, either. But I LOOOOVE the mountains. And I Want a cup of coffee in the AM

  3. Those fields are flat Moose so a 210 hp tractor can pull a 280hp implement because there are no hills its just going straight.

  4. The intent of the new DLC and the included machines is all about mowing and bailing grass and other crops.. that is why half the map is grassland.

  5. You can also play the new alpine map on "new farmer mode". If you do you get a plot of land, some equipment and I believe a cow pan with some cows. The start screen is only saying that IF you play on Ravenport you get the tutorial.

  6. Is the map a mod or new update and if not is it paid dlc or free?
    (I haven’t played farming sim in a while because of school)

  7. Moose
    I enjoy your FS tutorials, which were very helpful with FS15. I'm anxiously awaiting the day I can afford FS19, get playing and use some of your suggestions.


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