Farming Simulator 22 (Machine Features) Bread & Oil Production, Tyre Effects, Cars, Beards & MORE!


Farming Simulator 22 has SO many NEW cool features!! In todays video I explain everything we know about the prodcution process in this upcoming game. Enjoy 😀

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Prepare for new crops, new maps, new machines, new brands and more. Oh, and it’s getting snowy, too: The addition of seasonal cycles is also included – as well as other features to be announced soon!

Two new maps plus an updated Erlengrat map will allow for different kinds of farming operations. More than 400 machines and tools from more than 100 authentic agricultural brands including new machine categories will make agriculture, animal husbandry and forestry even more fun than ever.

In short: Farming Simulator 22 will offer more depth thanks to a big variety of new additions and more freedom than ever before.


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  1. Were did the farming go in this game. Looks like nothing changing in the fields. So this game is going Manufacturing not farming.

  2. I have been trying hard to get ershabas factory productions Pack to work in farming simulator 19 I see a lot of problems with the pack therefore I can not see it working in farming simulator 22 because of the FPS and I believe that there is a big problem with the mod the mod is not working due to a XML file not coded properly and a really big bad BUG in the mod it self

  3. ok farming sim turns into industrie giant? now we will drive around more with forklifts then with tractors… interesting take, i would have hoped more different farming stuff maybe greenhouses to make tomatos and stuff maybe make compst for it…or large fields to harvest cauliflower or those, would have more to do with farming then bakeing bread, but thats just my point…

  4. Fingers crossed for better interaction with vehicles like the Simple IC mod allows right now. It is a pain adding it to most of the mods that I use for my Farming Simulator 19 videos but it enhance the gameplay tremendously!

  5. Bringing production chains to the game is only nice when it’s the first chain. Deliver your Harvest and gain a new product to sell. And this only would make the game better if it comes with waste products. Like these examples
    deliver sugar beets -> create sugar to sell. Beet pulp to feed the cows.
    Deliver wood -> create paper to sell wood shavings for bedding.
    Deliver barley -> create beer to sell, beer Marc to feed the cows.

    Don’t expand beyond those productions. It’s still a farming simulator!

  6. "The grain mill or sugar mill, for example, let you decide if you transport the processed goods to the next link in the chain yourself or if the mills deliver them."

    So will this be a kind of Autodrive feature, or is it going to be transfered instantly. If Autodrive-like, that would be amazing!

  7. I’m impressed with the new features but the environments we see in the pictures. Giants map making is unchallenged and really makes a game feel alive

  8. I hope they fix the pallets getting stuck on the forks, implement straps or chains for implements / tools and vehicles also.

  9. I really hope in FS22 you can change the units of measurement. Instead of liters you can change it to bushels kind of thing.


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