FS19 | NEW MODS | TLX PHOENIX (Review) Farming Simulator 19 | 17th May 2021.


FS19 | NEW MODS | TLX PHOENIX (Review) Farming Simulator 19 | 17th May 2021. PS5. Modhub. GIANTS Software. Focus Home Interactive. What mods do we have? What features do they have? How do they work? How many mb download are they? How many slots do they use? Find out with me… MrSealyp.

Mods: Stoll Bale Stacker H By: EquipeModding, Bale Fork With 3-Point Hitch By: RL Modding – FSI Group, Fence 2 Meters By: xBlazejeWx, French Workshop Pack
By: Sphinx, Medium Old Cowshed Without Pasture By: WylewiskoTv, AgraZ Billboards By: ZoddelZockt, Damco 22 Series Grain Carts By: Custom Modding, Lizard 55111 By: R Mihail & TLX Phoenix Semi By: 82Studio.

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  1. I just figured this out while using the TLX Phoenix with the side panel and came here immediately to post this lol The red button on top rolls the windows down and button 23 rolls them back up.

  2. Beautiful truck only problem i found is that it wanted to roll over taking a small corner at more than 15mph

  3. Copien from 82 studios page
    TLX Phoenix- Friendly reminder to all

    The truck has a "hidden" rear hitch like the one you have on the 9000.

    It's hidden while not in use and when you back up to a trailer it will appear changing the rear end of the frame showing the hitch, the hydraulics…


  4. There are bags in the front. The r1 up and down raises and lowers them. It’s not a lot but they are there I just figured it out

  5. I absolutely love that truck and was excited to see it out today. 82 studio absolutely kills it with their mods. They do an excellent job. I'm really hoping for Kennworth and Peterbuilts in '22 but that may be a stretch. 82 does such a good job of replicating vehicles. I dig all the options they put out with what they do as well. Good showcase as always Mr. SealyP. Can't wait to get into and put that Phoenix through the paces.

  6. I love case , but it's fair to say , not enough off them.in south africa we love case and John deere and nothing else! It's just the way we wired!!!

  7. mrsealyp sir with french garage with the pit u can take a bath wail u working on tractor lo on no man land lol

  8. L1 right stick up and down ive discovered raises and lowers the tag axle on their new tanker trailer like the truck tag axle…

  9. I don't know how 82Studios does it, that is one wicked looking truck no ifs ands or buts! So many options too, part of me wants to say there's too many but the other part of me is running around like a kid in a sweet shop! That being said though the chances of me using it are fairly minimal I love the look and everything but for me the audio is just too much, if there's an update or I can reduce the volume in the XML I may do that, just a personal thing though and I still really appreciate the effort and quality of all 82S mods!

    Thing is we're getting this quality of mods now in FS19, how much better will it be with FS22 and the new engine?! Interesting times!

  10. Love the animation on the Demco auger wagon. Hope to see more of this in FS22 instead of the magically disappearing covers. Great review as always!

  11. The rear hitch is there… just invisible! Whenever you go back it allows you and it appears changing the rear end of the frame

  12. That Phoenix is the one! And that 82 version is jamming. I like those grain carts too, too bad the chains don't hook up when connected. I'm on Spec Island and best thing about it is the Phoenix is cheap and I can easily upgrade from the TLX and a couple of propane runs and I'm upgrading my grain cart. Great review, Mr SealyP.

  13. Rear hitch is hidden when inactive: <objectChange node="rearHitchPTO" visibilityActive="true" visibilityInactive="false" />

  14. Spectacle island updated, but it doesn't show anything in the description. It actually downloaded something but haven't been able to find out what exactly lol

  15. Aghh wish that Williams trailer update was actually on the mod hub, it's crane attachment for transport missions is perfect, been looking for something like thst for ages.


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