FS19 | NEW MODS | WONDROUS WOOD CHIPPER! (Review) Farming Simulator 19 | 24th June 2021.


FS19 | NEW MODS | WONDROUS WOOD CHIPPER! (Review) Farming Simulator 19 | 24th June 2021. PS5. Modhub. GIANTS Software. Focus Home Interactive. What mods do we have? What features do they have? How do they work? How many mb download are they? How many slots do they use? Find out with me… MrSealyp.

Mods: AGM Front Loader And BigBags Pack + MF 4200 SERIES By: Erik isac/Agro Mods, Homemade Barrel By: Liquidator/KamUs, Massey Ferguson DM 306PF-K
By: Ls_Agrar_Ole & Unreal Tree Devourer By: raulycristi1 [VSR Modding Sur].

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  1. With the wood chipper and remover of the stump once the tree has been chipped go up to the stump put the chipper on top of the stump and stump will go love the mod make taking trees down so much easier

  2. Love the idea ? and asked the moder of the Trex600 to allow a pile of chips to be picked up later. If only we could smack a tree like the Trex600 with this tree chipper. I gotten it early and came back later on to try it out checked mods had to delete a trailer and seen it said update so I clicked on it. It's a bit better but not as quick as I was hoping for. Great mod just needs a Trex600 upgrade. Lol thank you Mr Sealy P.

  3. Does anybody know why im haiving troubles selling the gold on spectacle island, i put the bars on the conveyor and for some reason the bars feed in and dont sell, im able to pull them back out but would like to know if im doing something wrong ????

  4. Man the ultimate tree muncher would have been really handy on my NML map. The $ I could have made. Game changer for sure cause there’s still 6 months until FS22. Hope you’re feeling better and the house repair is a priority so no worries. A roof over yer head is quite important IMO not to mention a happy family. 🙂 Take care & stay safe. Cheers

  5. that "tree devourer" is the Bruks from FS17 (which was a port from FS15) ported to FS19. And it's not even the first one. There's been another version of it for over a year.

  6. Delays are fine MrSealyp we will gladly wait on you, family comes first. Wake sure Sealyeg knows we wish her a happy birthday and that we miss her videos as well.

  7. I've been missing your reviews and you can take that as a compliment. Just take your time. I hope your daughter is out of hospital, it must be quite hectic in the Sealy residence. You're actually not alone with your hay-fever; Daggerwin also has it.

  8. The tree devourer has been one of the mods on pc I never thought would come to console. And look at it now ? Is not that a proof everything is possible? Who is taking on the challenge to get courseplay and follow me to console? That would make a BIG difference! And would be proof being a genius modder!!!

  9. Hey Paul! Did you miss the mod Seppi Maxisoil 350? I’ve been trying to get the cultivator part to work, looking to see your take on it. maybe it was already covered in a previous episode?

  10. Tip for hayfever, before you go to bed make sure you rinse your hair/beard. During the day pollen gets trapped in there and then you end up transferring it onto your pillow so your breathing it in all night for a few days.

  11. PC has had a chipper like this for ages, bout time console had one. This will take some hammer now. Don't worry about when you can do vids, I'll still be here ready.

  12. Thank you Mr SealyP, hope you feel better soon ?
    Life waits for no one, the game and YouTube can though. I know which one I place more importance over, after all patience is a virtue ?
    Some really nice toys today, can’t wait to try the tree removal tool, clearance and profit yes please ?
    Stay safe and well all.

  13. Mr seayP thank you for the cool guide to awesome mod ending there and dont worry about the map tours get your repairs in order and keep your AC in check if you hAve one idk about you but we are going througha bit of scorch wave. we are supposed to be in the 80s for normal temp but its going to be close to 100 here and 110+ by next week

  14. I wonder if FS22 will have MID-GROUND creep in as you drive a vehicle. Racing games such as Forza Horizon DOES NOT cause that. I believe Giants needs to ‘eat’ a slice of Humble Pie. Hey people try using another ENGINE…(I.e. Unity; Cryengine; Unreal Engine 4)

  15. That wood chipper IS a game changer , A long time in coming
    If you use the 3 point adaptor for the front loader you have way more adjustability !
    it is the Adaptor SR in front loaders
    Sorry I forget who made it

  16. Figures lol I just spent a bunch of time clearing away the P.I.A. trees on the place I decided to start American life Farming ….oh well theres plenty more to get the chips from


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