FS22 | NEW MODS! | BUY ANYTHING IS BACK! (Review) Farming Simulator 22 | PS5 | 30th November 2021.


HYDRATION & AUTONOMOUS CASE! | FS22 | NEW MODS! | BUY ANYTHING IS BACK! (Review) Farming Simulator 22 | PS5 | 30th November 2021. Modhub. GIANTS Software. Focus Home Interactive. What mods do we have? What features do they have? How do they work? How many mb download are they? How many slots do they use? Find out with me… MrSealyp.

Mods: Water Hydrant By: Kamilos0397, Kramer KL30.8T + Case IH Autonomous By: Univers Simu Modding, Silo Neuero Multifruit Pack By: raulycristi1 (VSR Modding Sur) & Multifruit Buying Station By: 82Studio.


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  1. I see a lot of videos where people have Chevy, Ford and other style trucks. Are those Mods that only available for PC users?

  2. Just to let you all know. I just brought a lorry trailer of stones from the buy anything tank for 2145.00 and sold it at a sale point on map for 6178.00. Good way to make money 💰

  3. I'd never pay £700+ for water that's crazy, quick trip to the pond for me, if I was to start again tho I would sell my farm and buy field 55,54 or 57 build loads of green houses and in the centre a firm shop, lettuce is selling at £600 easy money

  4. The multifruit silo does sell grapes its just the trailer you used couldnt hold grapes. The price of every item it sells is set to pricescale 0.75

    <fillType name="GRAPE" priceScale="0.75"/>

  5. Awesome job , you make it so painless Mr Sealy !! Keep on farming ,so informative!! You truly do simplify it for us!!

  6. Good videos again bro 😎 love this game but one thing that annoys me compared to fs19 is the vehicle repair option, fs19 we could just go to garage and press L3 for repair but now we have to drive to repair shop, can’t find any videos saying any different either, maybe a good video idea for you to do 🤔

  7. Put ps5 on performance mode sealyp it will give it 60fps locked your mirrors are flickering because of fps drops in cabin view 😉

  8. Off topic here but anyone had trouble with the big Grimme potato harvester ? It works for a bit then refuses to unload.

  9. I hope someone mods a trailer with attachable forklift as I like loading/unloading myself but don't want to send out a worker with a forklift beforehand.

  10. I think it's BS that PS5 gets the beacon and we don't it's rediculous what happened to the no special treatment they talked about

  11. it should also be noted that the silo capacity is the total allowed, not the total of each crop, so if you have a 400k silo that is all it will hold not 400k of each crop

  12. I’m having too much fun loading salad into euro truck, because I’m a salad king! Will there be self loading trailer? Because it’s very time consuming…

  13. Just edit the mod game file for the Multifruit Buying station, and change the prices to match base game, or make it all free.🙃

  14. Patiently waiting for one of those neat single-frame trucks with a flatbed or milk tank to make delivering stuff in Erlengrat less infuriating.

  15. Hey mrsealyp hope yr well an family really like this view ? Hope alien Jim an all the other modders get started maybe bullit bill hopefully I still love playing lone oak an mer. Farms anyway be safe God Bless

  16. like your videos but they are too long. most of the time i just want to find quick guides or tips and i dont have time for a 30 min video for everything.

  17. Oh thank goodness! Playing without the buy anything mod has been so frustrating for me! Huge thanks to the modders for bringing us these mods!

  18. First off thank you Mr. S, I for the life of me couldn’t get the Mods I thought I was doing something wrong!
    Now the only thing I really need is for Precision Farming to hit!!

  19. Have a query for you MrSealyP !! I went to repair my tractor and got hit with rather large bill 15000 then I noticed the new paint option i didn't use it cause my tractor looked fine, eventually it was in the red so went back to repair shop anther 10000 on repairs. Looked around my tractor, not a scratch so I thought ok ill click it and see where it would take me. Minus 47000 is what happend I could have brought a new one for the fixes and so called repaint, nothing had changed no option to change colour. So can you test it and see if there's away to turn it off because 2 days later and it was asking for repair and respray 😆

  20. Hi Mr Sealyp just a little info farmer klein posted if you auto sell in production places you loose 35% of sale price


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