“GREENLANDS” NEW MOD MAP! Farming Simulator 19 PS5 MAP TOUR (Review) FS19.


“GREENLANDS” NEW MOD MAP! Farming Simulator 19 PS5 MAP TOUR (Review) FS19. Map by: Peter716. New to Console! GIANTS Software. What do you start with on New Farmer? What do you start with in Farm Manager and Start from Scratch modes? How many slots does it use? What features stand out? All these questions and more, answered with me… MrSealyp.

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  1. If you start the game on multiplayer you can build a second sleep trigger as a second farm then restart the save on career & your sleep trigger will be the new one you placed.

  2. I like the lighting is good and the land around the main farm is very inviting ! The rolling land scape is really nice. What a nice map! Great vid!

  3. Why does farming 19 revolve around European maps instead of American maps? The European maps all look the same. Will farming simulator 21 have more American maps?

  4. Did you notice the windows of the horses in that terrace you drive past? The view of the insides of the rooms change as you drive past them, it's so simple how they've done it but it's brilliant… It's a cracking map, it's the first one in a while that's got me really wanting to play the game again!

  5. The map makers are making
    It tough to decide on which map to use. I like this map a lot. The slot count for new farmer is pretty good if you ask me.

  6. My first reaction as you set off driving was "cor, that's lovely that is!", And that feeling lasted for the entire map tour! Well done Peter716 on really capturing that "rolling hills of England's green and pleasant lands" feeling, this is a very nicely put together map that should of be a lot of fun!

    Thanks for showing us around, MrSealyP, great tour as always! Oh and while I think of it… BINGO!! 😁👍

  7. those kind houses is proppebly made by one of the many upperclass owning one of the casles or bigger farms for there workes or one of the earlyer industry made them for there workes with famely

  8. Very good map. But Mr P………
    Not a light switch to be found 🤔
    Don't get me wrong I think this is a fantastic map but lack of lights……..

  9. You get a lot of identical houses around the country as they all built in the building boom after WW2, we needed a lot of housing so one simple efficient design was made and most people followed it. So where a few houses where damaged or destroyed in the war or even just land people had going, was built on to that standard design. Thats why you get a random row of terrace houses. A lot where built as council houses.

  10. I am on the latest version of Stone Valley 2x Console Edition and in the shop menu both the animal pen tab under placeables and the Lizard tab under brands will not allow me to open them. Can someone please tell me why this is occurring and how to fix this issue? Also, the 4 default animal pens are the only animal pens I have on the map, if that helps at all. I am also using the seasons mod as well.

  11. Hoping you will do a let’s play on this map, it’s best Uk map in Fs19, anyone noticed all the gates are marked on the mini map 😆😆

  12. For a map that has multiple viable starting farms, locking the sleep trigger to just one of them in Farm Manager is a big mistake.

  13. Anti-clockwise?!? You rebel MrSealyP! Nice tour of a nice map, a definite maybe for me, but I have to stop off at Rasvlat first.

  14. I hate all UK maps because they have reverse traffic direction. Game and vehicles were not prepared for reverse direction but modders still create UK maps…

  15. FS Player: It sucks we lost Growers Farm I like a lot of grass fields
    Greenlands: Here hold my beer
    FS Player: Growers Farm who 😂

  16. Hello Mr.S. This looks like my next map after Six Ashes. I like how the traffics drive on side of the road, so harvesters and so have more space… And I hope, I will enjoy precision mod on this, while in Six Ashes I had problems. Thanks for anothr great review. Have a nice day.

  17. I wasn't a big fan of Newpark but this I really like, I had a quick fly round last night but waited to see your video, funny but I had an idea you would like this one. Peter has done well with a bigger and better map. Loved the tour of a lovely map A+++++++++ PS I could be wrong but the house thing was more than likely "council" built for farm workers etc in the days when a farm would employ a much bigger crew

  18. This looks a great map. I would like .but On some of the maps you can plow where you have sold pens and place different pens. If I have trouble placing I plow it first and then try placing. Another Great map tour . griffo

  19. Great tour as always.
    I really like this map, BUT… I just can't play on it because the field entries. There is literally no way to get into your fields without running over crops even with the smallest harvesters.
    Sure no collisions for anything on the hedges is great, but if you go that route, you might as well not have gates.
    If it gets an update that widens gates and provides room to pull into the field, I'll be on the map for 100hr easy.

    (Edit) as you can tell this comment was as much for the map author as anyone else. Very lovely, just a small issue I personally can't play with.

  20. Here in Ohio, when you have small towns or groups of houses in the middle of nowhere, you'll find that the distance between there and other places is the distance a horse and wagon could travel in 1 day.


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