We kept it hush-hush for long enough. We are finally allowed back onto Grandpa’s old farmstead. Learn why in the video. Hope you all enjoy!

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Apex Gaming PCs (10% Off using Discount Code: “Squad”)-
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  1. This kinda reminds me of my great grandpa (he died way back like 35 years ago) in his will it said to the sons (1 is dead the other doesn't want it) so it should go to my grandpa his 4 sisters are fighting it and they your won't sell to him for anything this has been going on for 3 years since great grandma died

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    Great contents, original map, original challenge, video every day…

  3. Hey there squad farms I’m getting a PC for Christmas and I was wondering if I could play farming simulator with you guys

  4. Hey buddy, that mower wasn’t a sickle mower! Those are called Haybines! If you don’t know what your talk about then don’t make up a name🤦‍♂️

  5. Can u continue this episode with like cleaning up grandpa old farm clear trees and mow the grass down that would be a good video to continue off this one

  6. This is so realistic .My grandpa kenny was diagnosed with cancer a little of a year ago and he passed of cancer in late July. He didn't have all his equipment (tractors and such) listed in his will so all of the tractors are getting auctioned off but we still get all the land which is really good.


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