NEW MODS (SPEEDY SEEDER) (Review) Farming Simulator 19 PS5 FS19 25th Nov 2020


NEW MODS (SPEEDY SEEDER) (Review) Farming Simulator 19 PS5 FS19 25th Nov 2020. Modhub. GIANTS Software. Focus Home Interactive. What mods do we have? What features do they have? How do they work? How many mb download are they? How many slots do they use? Find out with me… MrSealyp.

Mods: Machineshed With Workshop By: Reffarmer/[DMI]20mmNormandy, New Holland/Case IH Drapper By: Agro Tonho, Lowloader With 16 Wheels By: JapanModding(Erix05), Lindner BF450 By: KamUs, Seeder 400 By: CM Modding, Lizard Pampa Brazil By: Cola/Graxinha, Handmade Trailer By: ThuggieStylez/ original FSH_Balu, Randon Vanderleia Dumper By: Erik Isac/Agro Mods, Samson SG/TGX By: Smety & Junkkari W700 By: INF Modding.



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  1. Hi. Not related to this particular video, but about mods…are there any mods(dolly or otherwise) that allow you to make a semi-trailer b-train on console(PS4)? I’ve tried just about every combination and haven’t had any luck. Thanks.

  2. I use fertilizer spreader to sow cover crops and grass seed on my personal farm. Works well and much cheaper than a grain drill for no more than we need it! And can cover more ground much cheaper, just use more seed…

  3. I am done with this game unless Giants fix it so that it is a lot easier to manage mods.

    I just transferred my save game over from PS4 to PRO and I had a mod list sitting at 99%. I don't want to start my save game because I used a lot of mods but it has taken me a week so far to install these mods manually I'm at 80% now but the list of mods noted at the loading screen is full of mods that can not either be found in the mod hub or are loaded but won't dissappear from the list meaning I have no way of checking what mods are left to install or finding the missing mods on the list either because they have been removed or renamed on the mod hub.

    Mod management in this game is horrific.

    I can't even easily remove the mods I've installed so far because you can only remove them one at a time.

    So FS19 is stopping me playing FS19. What a joke.

  4. Didnt ford make a small pickup in the late 70s/early 80's based on the cortina. I remember the P1000 based on the the sierra but i swear the cortina had one before. Hence the pampa looks early 80's ford at the front

  5. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh just downloaded Buck's county AGAIN and still having grass issues. Can't cut the grass!!!!! I'm not writing bad language but I'm thinking it!!!! It work's fine when not playing season's, but just will not work correctly while playing season's. I've tried many different Geo's. Even tried playing with no Geo. Grass just won't cut…. I'm beyond frustrated…😣😣😲😲

  6. 12v is probably for 12 valve. The Cummins 12 valve is a vary popular engine for engine swaps and so on. It would be a in line 6 cylinder engine. My personal favorite. I don't have one but they sound so good. I love your mod preview vids all your vids really. I play farm sim 19 on ps4 on average 6 hours a day. My health is bad so I can't do much else. I play semi realistic realizing its not real life its a game and sometimes being realistic takes way to long or is not practical or possible. I know you don't do much malti-player but I would love to play together on a large American map. I'm a typical American I like big equipment and getting my farm big fast but In my head I usually use the premise that grandpa died and left me the farm and some rental house's that is how I justify using the farm subsidies cheat. But I also once I get going I do like I hurd you say yesterday and give money to charity. So although we are vary different we play kinda the same way. You are a fun guy. Keep doing your thing your way. Haters are going to hate don't let them bother you. I play as swampmanjoe0 lets have a chat and please consider us playing a game together you could do something a litter different I could be your long lost brother or even just a hired farm hand. Or on the right map we could each have our own farm and help each other out. Just looking for someone to play with that knows about all the good mods as I do and takes it some what serous. Thanks

  7. MrSealyP That Lindner is from the old 15 and 17 classics packs, was loud at that time to .
    the claas slury tanker is from 17 , i think on pc . yeh cool mods greetings to SealyEG and the rest of the famely. have good one

  8. The Pampa pick-up is a re-badged Ford P100 and the engine is totally wrong it should be a 4 cyl. and not a v8 .Please spend a bit of time to get these things right . When you enter it it says 1.6l on the screen.

  9. An interesting set of mods today! Nice to see some tools coming out specifically for the Claas tractors, nice update to the NMC trucks too especially reducing / combining the number of models in the store! Those two new seeders are also very cool and surprisingly different, I also love that new Lizard Pampa Brazil pickup! As soon as I saw it in the ModHub my first thought was, as you mentioned too, that it looks not unlike the old Ford Cortinas / Granadas we used to have in England many moons ago!

    Cheers for the ever always informative breakdown of new mods, MrSealyP!!


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