ROTTNE First In Forest DLC | NEW MODS (Review) Farming Simulator 19 FS19 16th March 2021.


ROTTNE First In Forest DLC | NEW MODS (Review) Farming Simulator 19 FS19 16th March 2021. PS5. Modhub. GIANTS Software. Focus Home Interactive. What mods do we have? What features do they have? How do they work? How many mb download are they? How many slots do they use? Find out with me… MrSealyp.

Mods: ROTTNE DLC By: GIANTS Software

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  1. this would be a cool dlc, but imo the log physics are terrible and thus I don't like logging
    I'll still probably buy this just to support the developers

  2. In Sweden we call the Harvesters for Forest Processors or just Processors because they can do the whole process from felling and delimbing to cutting logs into desired lengths by dimension. Then put them into sorted logpiles for the heavy Forwarder to load up and take to the landing on felling trail made that processor covered with the debris from delimbing without sink down and damage the forest. Processors will handle all in and put via data sampling via wireless communication from the sawmill on demand for specific lengths and dimensions also even for thinning out trees and give forest owner a GPS map over felling they can use for planning new felling, soil preparation and new planting. Incredible machines! And we love our blue and yellow Rottne's! <3 <3

  3. I never mastered forestry it the grab I struggle with bit good mod review u make cutting trees look so easy

  4. I feel so sorry for the big FS youtubers; trying to do their job because they have to, whilst trying desperately not to outright bury this DLC because it's essentially just a re-skinned tree harvester and forwarder. I'm not entirely sure what Giants were thinking with this one.

  5. I thought giants liked to only have different machinery in game, fair this is a different brand (they look great) which is ok, but it’s nothing new.
    Even with a season pass I’m a little confused as to the point of this dlc, the modding community have forestry covered after all.

  6. the level of detail is great and it looks cool. probally a better value as part of the season pass instead of individually.

  7. Logging IKEA logs in IKEA colours;-). Great review. They're nicely made but I've no use for them. Please, please, some big potato and beet harvesters!

  8. Great review as always MrSealyP! Always nice to have a bit of company history with a new brand like this!

    As for the DLC itself well that's kind of a tale of two halves. On one hand we do have a new brand which may present new mod opportunities, also the vehicles themselves seem to be quite well done, high quality models and so on.

    On the other hand though it's niche equipment that is only useful for very specific tasks, it doesn't really fill any gaps in even the base game tool catalogue and it's limited to only 2 items. Having a quick look through their website they have a selection of other products of which maybe 1 or 2 more would've been nice, personally I'd like to have seen the small H8D harvester and the F15D Off-road Chassis with tipper (for wood chips) as well to add a bit of variety.

    If I ever get around to doing large scale forestry I might give them a try, especially on a map like Holmakra as I have been meaning to start a game there at some point (especially as I'm rewatching MrSealyP's Let's Play there lol).

  9. I guess it is nice to have some different options. I don’t have enough patience or desire to do enough forestry to warrant purchasing this. The machines are nicely detailed.

  10. Farm&Race gave a valid point in my books. This opens up new doors beyond just a simple DLC.
    I have no issues with the cash amounts asked.
    Though I would like to see them improve the log grab coalition issues that make logging zero fun, how ever it is Farming sim not Logging Sim, so I will not hold my breath. Since 2014 FS they have had this very same issue.
    Thanks MrSealyP!

  11. Haven’t bought the Grimme dlc or this one (for pc). So far I see no need to change that. Sad attempt to bring something new to the game.

  12. Everyone needs to realize that this is a way to bring another brand to FS. This deal was probably made over a year ago. Getting the brand involved is just the beginning and opens the door for mod makers to have more allowed on modhub. Yes, it's only 2 pieces of equipment. After all that has been done by Giants and the mod community, how entitled are we to think everything should be free? I think it's hilarious that people lose their minds over spending $4 on this, but often grab a $5 coffee and sometimes not even finish drinking it. smh

  13. I love forestry in farm Sim but I have to say I'm a little disappointed. It's some cool pieces of equipment, but it didn't really add anything new unless I'm missing something

  14. Well, the harvester might be a little faster in the movements but I probably wouldn’t have bothered with this if I didn’t already have the season pass. I do feel like they could have added something along with this to have filled it out a little more. There are other pieces like de-limbers or slashers that could be added in to make forestry a little more complete. Nice job on the models but it doesn’t feel like a paid dlc.

  15. Why have forestry in a farming game? Because you can clear land and make your farm larger…there are also many farmers in my home area who cut wood in the winter months to supplement their income.

  16. I hope they update the factories mods in any map that are compatible, it works for me, it is what gives life to farming simulator 😭😭🌻🌾

  17. I always found it's better to back out of the game and go directly into the ps4 store, find the dlc and then download it.

  18. 2 umlackierte Fahrzeuge als "DLC" für 3,99 Euro….Giants mal
    wieder….und die ganzen 10 jährigen Bauernkinder kaufen das auch

  19. Forestry is classified as farming. I don't see the argument for construction unless where grading ditches and changing the land from forest to farm land.

  20. Interesting comment about the controls. I was using the Tree Chopper this afternoon and was convinced the controls were different from the Scorpion King. I was convinced the Left Bumper and Right Stick used to make the arm rotate and go up and down, Right Bumper and the right stick would then control the boom angle angle and extension, both bumpers would then control the cut rotation. So I was really struggling this afternoon when cutting trees with the new machine, that everytime I cut a tree, and went to lift the arm up and rotate it, I was having issues, because the lift up is now bound on the right bumper and right stick. So where as with the Scoprion King you can rotate and lift up/lower at the same time, you can't with this new machine as the controls are all over the place.


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