“RUSTY ACRES ” NEW MOD MAP Farming Simulator 19 MAP TOUR (Review) FS19.


“RUSTY ACRES ” NEW MOD MAP Farming Simulator 19 MAP TOUR (Review) FS19. PS5. Map by: Farming with Fluke. New to Console! GIANTS Software. What do you start with on New Farmer? What do you start with in Farm Manager and Start from Scratch modes? How many slots does it use? What features stand out? All these questions and more, answered with me… MrSealyp.

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  1. Great map and thanks for the tour MrSealyP. 2 things that are missing is there's no chicken pen and there's nowhere to buy fuel for your vehicles. I tried every tank at the farm yards and none of them are for fuel that I can tell at least.

  2. Regarding the never trust a town without a pub, in the 1940s 50s, when my dad worked on farms in the Fens they lived in Chatteris, which was then a small rural town, he said you could give directions using the name of a pub at each junction.

  3. Maybe I've missed it, but I didn't notice a manure point for Maple farm dairy cows. Anyone know where it is, or maybe it didn't have one??

  4. Like the pig pasture – it’s kind of what you tend to see outdoor pig units like, Especially around here. Loads of pig arks.! Was looking for a mod like this to put into a Suffolk based map..

  5. Thanks for the video, sorry the map is half baked with the crop textures. Luckily it's just a texture issue and not actually changing the crop types.

  6. I like this map but have found some frustrating things…..1. you can't have another farmhouse/sleep trigger……2. the manure point shows manure as grass…..3. I tipped pig food next to the pigs and it shows grass…..4. the trees fall through the ground like on Six Ashes.

  7. On farm sim the sheep manure looks like chaff it’s more or less looks well described in real life most sheep on small holding and on farms bed down on straw with hay for extra food when it’s mixed in and mucking out

  8. Nice looking map, well thought out, plenty to offer

    But, for me, the field prices are too cheap, making the game too easy

    Do the field prices alter with the different game modes and economy modes?

  9. In today's episode of "How Hedges Work.." MrSealyP discovers a fence!!

    But seriously, for a first map I have to say this is a brilliant way to begin, Farming with Fluke has definitely made a real corker of a map!

    One of the main standout features for me has to be the animal pens, granted they are fixed in place but to be honest anything less would have looked wrong I think. It's not just a placeable unit, custom or otherwise, it's actually a built in feature of the map that fits and flows perfectly with the landscape and style of the map.

    Hat's off to Farming with Fluke for a great map and cheers to MrSealyP for today's merry jaunt around it!!

  10. Thanks again for your time. Your reviews are always noted for honesty and a good chuckle. Watch the hedges don't have collisions, crash, and you find a hedge with a fence hidden in it. Also, I am going to work on a mod, a "MrSealyP light switch finder". All this is a big plus on your reviews, you don't edit out the "fun"!! A man that can laugh at himself will gain respect, at least from me. It makes it possible to laugh WITH you and not AT you (laughing at someone is rude)

  11. I really enjoy this map on pc with the farming agency. Hope console gets worked out. Only thing I dislike is that all the animal pens show up on the animal screen

  12. Great video, Sir. Pleased to read they are ironing out the problems as I'd like to give this a go. I like my horses and the stables look good. Thanks a lot.

  13. It HAS to be a standard now to have the outskirts cost $0. Makes me instantly want to play a map because so much is already ready to be worked. Maps that don't take this approach make the starting portion very linear.

  14. love maps wih larger sheep pastures. Hate those tiny pens on other maps. Good to know about the sleep trigger not being there on farm manager. Was sorta disappointed that the house was fixed with the sleep trigger on new farmer.

  15. Great map…speaking of collision 💥has anyone discovered how to turn off hedge collision or remove fences on Spectacle Island?…


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