“SPECTACLE ISLAND” FERRY NICE NEW MOD MAP Farming Simulator 19 MAP TOUR (Review) FS19. PS5. Map by: ALiEN JiM. New to Console! GIANTS Software. What do you start with on New Farmer? What do you start with in Farm Manager and Start from Scratch modes? How many slots does it use? What features stand out? All these questions and more, answered with me… MrSealyp.

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  1. What season mod should I use for this? I noticed in Jim's description it said it was "regular" seasons ready but I see some palm trees which insinuates the regular seasons mod isn't really appropriate.

  2. I have a problem with missing equipment. Every time after saving the game and restarting after a while, I miss either Frontloader, Weight, Header, Trailer. I play on PS4 Pro. I only use the necessary DLCs. Does anyone have a solution for this ..

  3. Maybe someone can help?? Game saving freezes up at some point, forcing me to reset my ps4 pro and saves game gets corrupted. Only using a few official Giants mods and 3 or 4 mods Sealy P uses in his lets play on this map. Really want to be able to play this map. Did a fresh install also….

  4. Help please. I have leased Jim’s MKU 8 liquid trailer to start some fuel runs but can not deliver at the Zone Petrol sell points ( no unload symbol) what am I doing wrong

    Found out why I was taking Diesel instead of Petrol Like the RAC guy “I’m heading for a Breakdown “. 😳🤕

  5. This is a great map, you will need to take out a life insurance policy though for driving along that cliff edge, very dangerous 😀

  6. Jim did an awesome Job I played on this map a lot back in the day and was happy to see it Lukas island just not for me but this 1 with it's infrastructure works for me. I love it and because it's easier to make money I'm playing without cheating in any money which I never do. Wish I could cut the fence in a few place and maybe clean up the farm knowing Jim's maps probably can I'm just not seeing it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  7. I start a game and after several backup the map plant on my pro ps4 . I have to make a rest on the ps4 . Impossible to play

  8. My save file keeps corrupting on this map upon saving. Love the map but can’t play it. Anyone else having issues. I’m on PS5.

  9. Has anyone else had disappearing equipment on this map my trailer and front weight just vanish they are not modded base game weight and trailer

  10. Never did this on 2017 but I have downloaded it now on my Xbox and going to give it a short go!! It’s special features are unreal!!

  11. Is there a guide showing exactly what each felled tree removes? Asking as there aids some “mess” that I would like to keep on the property. I hope in the future you actually have to move the mess and old vehicles as an option. Like having to winch or push the old vehicles onto a flat bed

  12. I set the gold bar, from granny's cabin, on the ground just outside the cabin and it
    went right through the ground and cannot retrieve it (5-01-21).

  13. Looked at your let’s play a second time today. Sorry Paul, could only ‘like’ one time, I wished I could give you an additional like 😊 I started playing the map last evening. And I have to say, what a gorgeous map this is!!! Lots of options to do a let’s play, I am absolutely sure you can play it many, many times, every time in a different way. I hear you say about combining your Lukah let’s play with Spectacle. And I hear you say you never did a let’s play in FS17 on Spectacle Island… Now, I really hope this map deserves a full let’s play of yours on its own. You can surely leave Lukah behind and swim to the rescue, stranding on Spectacle. This map offers that much more! AJ is simply phenomenal! He is without any doubt the N° 1 map maker out there.

  14. Grandmasters. Both.
    Jim who build absolutly great maps.
    And Mr Sealyp to show how to use them.
    Respect to both.
    The first thing i try when i found the log bar is driving on to it..
    Doesnt work ..but no problen..😂😂😂

  15. I've come across a weight problem on this map with some seeders…tractor tips back even with weights on front….John deere 1720 12R36 2012 and horsch pronto 6AS….

  16. Beautiful map and a great map tour as always, hopefully at one point jim might consider some extra crop types for this map. I’m honestly surprised there isn’t any on no mans land

  17. Gold hunters: Turn off autosave, and manually save after collecting/loading each bar. If you lose one, quit without saving and reload. Moving fast or falling can result in the bar falling through the ground layer. Use tension belts for transport–they don't look like they work, but do lock the bars down. I also discovered one of my bars got stuck inside the hut where the conveyor belt sells them, but I was able to pick it up through the wall, and it immediately sold as that pushed it into the trigger zone. If you are having trouble finding the last few bars, Farmer Mahnew has a video here where he collects all 25 of them.

  18. Alien Jim is so Awesome in anything he ever make. He brings a smile to my face, Even on my darkest days. Maps/And Buildings is in a class of its own. I am so happy for all the work he puts in to this game. A.J – and – Oxygendavid are the Ultimate Gamechangers for me and they are getting me back time after time. But i Need to thanks all you Mod geniuses in F.S-17/19. without you. There would not be any me here as well. Thanks to Mr SealyP and "crazy" DjGoHam. For making Update info and mods : A Walk i the Field.( Humble Regards : From Denmark)

  19. Barge – Barge can carry vehicles. The lock script work ok not perfect. If they are small enough you can use the crane to load them. You cannot use the placeble ramps. I built a ramp using the NMC Bridge Mat Long. Placed one running parallel to the dock back and the a couple perpendicular to that setting on top facing away as ramps. and it worked great. Gonna try to replicate on one end of barge as exit as it seems it sets to low to drive off. Will see about trying g to get a pic or video when done but driving on barge is easy with that build.

  20. Great job, Sealyp, you sold this to me perfectly. Love the clear up shortcuts. Clutter really gets my goat especially when it takes tool storage space. Some very nice touches on this map and I will definitely get on there. Thank you. Just hope Sealyg hasn't hidden half the equipment, bless her little heart.

  21. G8 map im trying to find a map 2 delete so I can play it I had all of his maps loaded but had 2 remove all but 2 maps good map review

  22. Got to admit I am not a big mod map player, but after watching this map tour I downloaded it right away. Very interesting looking map and I look forward to working on it. Also Great Job! as usual to Mr. SealyP on the video. You are the only person I watch for map tours so Thank you for your hard work sir!!

  23. Also if anyone wishes to keep the trees and still get rid of the junk simple stand on something and cut a small piece out the top of the trees it simulates the the removal while also keeping the trees

  24. If you don't mind tell Jim to keep the equipment for the all the starts I liked that it was a nice surprise.


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