TOP 10 WAYS TO MAKE MONEY – Farming Simulator 19


These are my top 10 ways to earn money in Farming Simulator 19!

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  1. Maybe it takes to play easy mode. I play hard and my contracts are never fair. Fertilizing contract gives me about 2-3k. And I don't know if I can do a large field with just one pallet of fertilizer. 2 pallets cost 4k. So even if they pay 6k, it means I get $2000 for 30 min of work. Delivery missions are same money faster. Harvesting works better. The best contract I had in Ravenport (the biggest field like 8) was about 50k. And it took me 2 real days to harvest. I sold the remaining 25% of crop for extra 75k though. And that's the best money I ever made. Field 23 that I own gives me 14k per harvest. And it takes 2k for fertilizer. $450 for lime since I need 3 packs once in 3 harvests. So +10k after all. It's incredibly slow. But I dunno if I want to play easier modes. I hate being given everything. What's the point then? I start with $1.5M, that's freaking insane. Of course I can buy the best harvesters for that. What would I play for if I already have everything?

  2. How is you contract rewards so high mine for harvesting is like under 10k sometimes for potatoes it's above like 15k and my fertilizing contracts are normally like 9k to 6k

  3. You shouldn't knock low volume crops like soybeans, canola, and sunflowers. These are great crops if you have dinky equipment(light tractors and tiny cheap tippers), or even moderate equipment with a huge field. Soybeans and Canola also come with faster turnarounds, since you don't have to wait to reseed because you have to mess with straw swaths. If you have a harvester with a big header, they're pretty much 'hire and forget' on big fields. Low volume crops also give you a HUGE bang for your buck per trip when it comes to Great Demands, so they're worth growing and banking in your silo for a that golden opportunity. You lose even more time and money when you start messing with straw bales, so there's a lot of time loss in full volume crops

    This is something you come to appreciate after having a 3 to 6-hour drag trying to harvest potatoes on a massive contract making 10-20 semi-truck runs because it fills up every lap. Turning a big field around relatively effort-free with hires is a major load off your day. Animals can be maintained with small fields just fine, and high value crops can be flipped on mid-sized fields more frequently.

  4. The only drawback to the windmills is that at $25k to buy and $30/hour income, it's going to take 34.7 game days to recoup the cost. Eventually…. it'll be a money maker, but not for a month.

  5. I started with the fendt vario 1100 I'm not to clued up on fendt. The JD s790 combine I had to lease the header the first season, the hatsenbirchler airseeder the joskin tipper, and one field. No mods. I now have 3 S790 combines 4 9620rx tractors 2 trucks and trailers 2 hardi sprayers 2 bourgault airseeders 2 Elmer grain carts and 13 fields. I also have a nice big workshop. That is 136 hours over a course of 3 months.

  6. The best and this my personal opinion is buying one large piece of land one big combine one airseeder one 400 or 500 horse tractor and one tipper. I play base game with the premium edition.

  7. Contracts :

    Buy the base dry fertilizer spreader and increase it's size 2X and add the extra wide spreader and it covers a huge area. Fill it and run around fertilizing everyone's fields. You make about 80% in profit. 20% you pay to buy fertilizer and the rest ( minus fuel and wear and tear of your tractor ) is profit.

    Cultivating and sowing the very large fields is quite profitable and reasonably quick but the small ones are not so great value for your time IMO. Plus you get to play with the huge tractors and airseeder carts that you normally won't use for a long time if at all due to their expense.

    Maintaining 4 horses is easy and gets you a nice daily revenue stream on Seasons. Each one needs 5 minutes of real time riding which is not too long IMO.

  8. I tried playing American Truck simulator, fell asleep at the wheel, crashed & wrecked my truck, destroyed some property, & was rightfully arrested by Farmer Cop. I sold what was left of my truck & moved back to Ravensport. At least I can use my CDL to transport milk.

  9. With harvesting contracts you only need to deliver 75% of the harvest no matter how much you’ve harvested. You can then store the remaining 25% of the harvest until all the harvesting is done and the contract completes.

  10. I started on Ravenport two months ago on the small fields in bottom right corner. I gradually built it up to the point where I inhabit all the fields in the middle of the map. I have one of the large fields permanently covered with sugar cane. Its a great way to make money while you expand your farm. You plant it once and leave it…simply harvest when its ready and let it grow again. Yield is high and if the price is anywhere over $400 per 1000 litres I kill it with around $800k from a single harvest.
    Then I have one field which I completely covered in trees. 24m tall. I took another field and turned it into a massive lumber yard. It has a dual purpose. Firstly…it provides me with wood I can chip and logs for the planks needed to make pallets for the meat production plant. My two cow barns provides me with all the manure I need for the caffeine greenhouses that goes to the Coca Cola plant. Half of my sugar cane yield goes into silos for the sugar production plant while I have another field I intermittently harvest sugar beets from for the sugar plant. Sugar then also goes to Coca Cola plant. I have water containers stationed at each place that requires water so it is easier to load and deliver. Another field is used to alternate Barley and Corn harvests for the Jack Daniels plant. At this point in time, I am seriously considering getting rid of my horses, sheep and chickens as the yield I get from them is more work than its worth. And I Can use the land better for some other crop that can be used in the production of Soy Bean and Canola Oil.

    I have a huge operation going at this time.

  11. If you have a map that does Alfalfa or Clover you've got a great constant money source since the crops re-grow just like grass and just as quickly. It will always have 1xFertiliser state, so the only maintenance you need is just one fertiliser treatment and the finances are such that you don't really need to bother with that if you don't want to. Plus you can silage bale the swath for more income.



  13. a tip on fertilizing…

    Strap your fertilizing tractor onto a flatbed trailer behind a fast truck. Turn on the spreader then drive the truck as fast as you want spreading the fertilizer behind you. It's MUCH faster than driving the tractor.

  14. Great info there! I'd like to add that with fertilising and planting contract if you borrow their equipment when you return it at the end you will be reimbursed for any extra product in the tanks and normal base game prices, so if you have a cheap source for seeds / fert (such as the Multi Silo Shop or Replenishment Container placeables, both in the official ModHub) you can make a nice bit of bonus cash especially if you go as far as refilling them before you complete the contract!

    Also horses can be a handy earner when you first start with the Seasons mod too! They basically become a low cost, semi-passive daily income generator with Seasons as they cost nothing to get initially (just food / water / straw) because you're being paid for taking care of them.


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