TRANSFER YARD! – Mod Review for 2/8/2021 – Farming Simulator 19


A daily review of all the newly released mods on the Farming Simulator 19 ModHub! I review mods for all platforms, and mods for PC/MAC players only. Enjoy!

Farmer Cop

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0:00 – Intro
0:42 – Mod Updates
1:14 – Pronar T680P
3:11 – Disc Plow 3DR
4:23 – Lizard ASTH
5:59 – Unia Cut L
6:57 – Kongskilde Lift-o-matic/EcoLine
8:58 – Stara Prima 4590
11:27 – Grimme KS 5400
13:00 – Kuhn Accura 1600
14:29 – Pallet Rack
15:00 – Polish Fence And Gate Pack
15:57 – Old Fence And Gates
16:47 – Square Houses
17:38 – Transfer Yard / Recycling Center

Pronar T680P:

Disc Plow 3DR:

Lizard ASTH:

Unia Cut L:

Kongskilde Lift-o-matic/EcoLine:

Stara Prima 4590:

Grimme KS 5400:

Kuhn Accura 1600:

Pallet Rack:

Polish Fence And Gate Pack:

Old Fence And Gates:

Square Houses:

Transfer Yard / Recycling Center:

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  1. Is it just me or does it sound like FC's voice is kinda bass boosted from the beginning of the video to the transition from the updates to the first mod

  2. 5:22 I think this maybe a problem with Giants Engine. I've had similar issues with base game equipment. This is why and how I found the Sugarcane harvester I use. The base game one only worked with Helpers.


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