West Texas Map Tour – This place is HUGE! – Farming Simulator 19


Welcome to my map tour of West Texas by The Great Lebowski. I was blown away with how great this map is and the size of it… just Wow!

If you want to download this map you can get it from here:

0:00 – Intro
0:10 – Town Tour
12:29 – Fields
14:33 – State Park
16:58 – Cattle Ranch
20:10 – Horse Ranch
21:54 – Huge Dairy Farm
24:52 – More Fields and Farms
27:57 – Cotton and Grain Sell Points
29:29 – Lime & Ammonia Sell Points
31:37 – Imperial Sugar Plant
33:26 – Main Farm
36:16 – Grain Sell Point and Animal Buy Point
37:41 – Ethanol Plant
38:22 – Milk Sell Point
39:10 – Summary

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West Texas Map Tour – This place is HUGE! – Farming Simulator 19

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  1. Slaughter house is on the back of the Cargills building, unload trigger is at the loading ramp, pickup meat from inside the open door.

  2. hello why when I buy a vehicle in the store it turns black, when I buy cattle they all turn black, what is the error map WEST TEXAS V2.1.0.4 FS19 PC

  3. A couple of issues: Has anyone had trouble getting Courseplay to work on some/most of the fields? I ran into that on several of the round fields, tried many of the CP options, a lot of difficulty getting any course to generate. Found a problem with a section of road on the SE part of the map near field 6 and 8 where vehicles using Autodrive simply stop on the road (all the waypoints are correct), weirdly corrected by moving the transit of vehicles off of the road. This action was strangely near one of the irrigation systems to the east of the sugar plant. Finally, in field 45, when using seeder/cultivator (as a contract), with seeder fully loaded when attempting to run, there was never any change to the soil and no progress on the contract as attempted. Yes, the seeder was lowered and turned on. Attempted this multiply, trying reloading game, etc. Behavior again near the irrigation apparatus in that field. I wonder is there is some sort of glitch? Anyone who has seen this on this map or other, appreciate suggestions. Mostly I have loved this map.

  4. Hey guys, we have the map as a dedicated server map and we are loving it, i do have a question though and hoping that someone has an answer for me. On the map between fields 29 and 31 there is a huge cow pasture as well as a pig den, i own the field but cannot seem to fill the water on either the pasture or the den, im using vanilla equipment to fill but no luck, does anyone have a solution for me or am i doing something wrong, thanx in advance.

  5. Technically, Plainview is in the Texas Panhandle – really more like North Central Texas rather than West Texas. Folks from the western most parts of Texas sometimes take issue with outsiders calling places in the panhandle "West Texas."

  6. Mr FarmSim Guy, thanks for the tour. Gonna download it now… Can't wait. Just can't help to mention… You sound JUST like Squirrel, are you Squirrel? Lol, if no, are you sure?? You guys sound identical… Seriously.

  7. I’m on this map an I can’t get my vehicles out of the dealership how do I get them it won’t let me raise the garage doors either

  8. I grew up in the county next to hale. Palo duro canyon is the state park and the lake is lake Tanglewood if I'm not mistaken. It's the second largest canyon in north America.

  9. How did you get the train to work? I am really bummed I cannot figure it out and would love some assistance on how to get it!

  10. The feed points at the cattle farm aren’t working on mine the two cattle pastors don’t let me feed my cows.
    If there is a different version where this is fixed please tell me which one it is and I want to try it.

  11. Anyone know if it is possible to add an ethanol plant on other maps? Or maybe a mod that lets you use corn for fuel instead of canola etc like the global company mod.

  12. Awesome map. However I wish the PDA map was a little better and showed the roads and stuff. Blurry PDA maps are sort of a deal breaker


  14. Does this not work on multiplayer? Been trying to get this map to work on my gportal server but I just sit at the loading menu waiting for game host acceptance. Wish I could play on my dedicated server 😕


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