228 HOURS INTO THE SERIES! | Farming Simulator 22 – Haut-Beyleron | Episode 190


Welcome back to my first Farming Simulator 22 let’s play on Haut-Beyleron
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JCB Fastrac Pack

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Fish Farm

Empty Pallets and Barrels

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  1. lol, you used long jobs for answering viewer questions and comments, instead of a time-lapse, exactly once. I thought it was quite a good feature, and you should have kept with it. Audience engagement is key….alongside realism, of course. ?

  2. ahh yes, the infamous "yellow car"….. I imagine daggerwin having developed a burning hatred for Citroen 2CV's in real-life…even becoming triggered when he sees one.

    Fact: Daggerwin has nightmares about Citroen 2CV's, and is scarred for life.

  3. Dagg, for the love of god could you please just put everything back in its place. Your like a 3 year old who just leaves his toys laying around whenever he finished playing with it. I did not know I had OCD until I started watching your videos.

  4. Mr Bean (Rowan Atkinson) would often cut off a car similar to that yellow car in comedy skits, making it crash. I think his was blue but it's what I think about every time it's brought up in your videos.

  5. Unfortunately this channel has become rather stale lately. This series is long done and should’ve ended awhile ago. And construction simulator videos are boring. Really need a new let’s play and quite obviously survival roleplay. FYI Scroft’s Farmhand series is keeping me entertained until this channel hopefully comes back soon….

  6. Hi Daggerwin, still really loving the series , as a FYI the robotic cowshed maxes out at 115,000 litres of silage. Looking forward to the new series which 8 can see from the beginning ?

  7. I've been playing (terribly) since FS17 and just couldn't figure out why my farm was never productive. It wasn't until I got FS22 and followed this particular series step by step. (Pretty much mimic'd what Daggerwin was doing from ep1) and realised that this game is for players who are in it for the long run (like 90 hours and you'll feel like something is happening). I stuck it out and FINALLY am making decent money for it. The farm feels like a self-managing working farm. Woohoo

    – I use to hold onto everything and wait for the best price. But actually, selling when you need the money is fun too.
    – Give up after 10-15 hours of gameplay
    – Buy everything brand new. Never lease. Ran out of money real fast.
    – I worked in real-time which was booooring. x5 is the way to go tbh
    -Sell when you need money
    – Do jobs.. change it up, don't just work your farm. That can feel repetitive
    – And for me personally, I like aesthetics, so designing your farm from the beginning is helpful sometimes. But that's just me. You will need to take a loan for that and paying that off CAN be off-putting.


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