BIG CHANGE! WE HAVE REAL HELPERS! | Attingham Park | Farming Simulator 22 – Episode 11


Chainsaw100’s Video –
Attingham Park co-op multiplayer with Chainsaw100 on Farming Simulator 22
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IMT Tractor

Case Puma

Massey Ferguson 6S

A huge thank you to GB Modding for allowing us to create this series on his map.

Music by Epidemic Sound



  1. Hey daggerwin I just am feeling down right now and I got jerks in my life thanks for being there for me if you have any advice can you give me some please lots of love man

  2. Yeah, having extra people does make it more interesting in a way, and as you said if someone doesnt have something to do, contract away.

    When i am playing by myself I get a bit cheeky with the better contracts mod and accept like 10 cultivating contracts at once, but borrow equipment for only 1 contract then use the same equipment for all 10 contracts. Same with harvesting, mowing, etc. Except for mowing I always seem to end up with double the grass/hay/silage as they want delivered which makes for a nice payday for me.

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