BIG PLANS TO BECOME RICH! – Rennebu Farming Simulator 22 | Episode 7


Chainsaw’s Video –
Welcome to a brand new series of Competitive Multiplayer. It’s been over a year since the last series!
A massive thank you to OlaHaldor for creating and sharing such an amazing map – Rennebu
Download the map here –

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Other mods used in this series:
Lizard Bale Fork

Rolland Pack

New Holland TC59

New Holland T7

Music by Epidemic Sound



  1. Sorghum and Canola in the middle of Norway is ridiculous. Is it something you can set, is it set in the map, or perhaps just standard crops in fs22 with no way of adjusting?
    You can grow grass, rye, barley and potatoes generally. (Also cabbage, strawberries, carrots, swede and some other less common things)

  2. Don’t know if somebody already wrote this.. but the trigger issue is because the leveling isn’t proper so the trigger is exactly on the ground. Meaning that it will flicker, hence you find it and loose it.. if you level the ground a little bit it will work properly ??

  3. You’re making really thoughtfull decisions Daggerwin. It actually nice to see:). You’re really planning this time around what you’re gonna do. And trying to buy what you’ll need. I like it

  4. I’ve never watched a competitive multiplayer before but I’m enjoying watching you play it. Great that you’re making good and sim not so good decisions and happy to share them with us. I’ve also watched chainsaw’s videos too for his perspective. My favourite Daggerwin series at the moment for sure. All the best for 2023 Dag!

  5. Daggerwin doing good so far I feel like your doing better that chainsaw100 as you’ve got chickens and they’ll ,are you rich and chainsaw100 is mainly doing contacts and he doesn’t really have a reliable income apart from his crops

  6. I love your videos. I watch every video, every series. But please for gods sake, download some mods. Nothing third party or anything but off the mod hub. They are there for a reason. You use the same base game animal enclosures, that aren't very good compared to what's out there. The same base game equipment every series. Use the great mods at hand. Would definitely spice things up a bit. There's also so many great productions out there that we've never seen you use that I'm sure we'd all love to see you use.

  7. man clicking on the Rennebu kinda makes me a bit sad bc i know after ive seen the episode its a whole week until next time :/ its my current favorite series 🙂

    P.S the place where the silage pit was would look good with a grain silo in the future i think 🙂 and you could load up smaller bales on top the autoloaded bigger ones with the small tracktor (unless i remember wrong and it doesnt have the forks) ^^

  8. I think that if you are going to have a magicial autoloading trailer in a series like this, there should be a requirement to own a loader, as well as the attachments to load whatever will magically float onto your trailer, such as a bale spike, or pallet fork. No issues with using the trailers, just think that if you don't have the tools required at the very least, they should be off limits. Love the series, just my 2 cents. Thanks,

  9. I got some chicken math for ya Dag. A large chicken coop with 360 adult chickens. will consume 1800 liters of feed per day. 21600 liters of feed per year. they will produce 2500 liters of eggs per day. 30000 eggs per year. and if you sell a full years worth of eggs on the best day. usually november for the maps I've played. you can bring in roughly $125000 bucks on easy economy. roughly $75000 on medium economy. and I know you said you wanted to breed your chickens to save money. but if you buy 360 baby chicks. which will cost next to nothing. they will become adults in 3 days I think it is. and will make you so much more money then waiting for them to breed. baby chicks and adult chickens consume the same amount of food. and theres no point in selling old chickens to birth new ones. because no matter the age. they'll eat and produce the same numbers every time. and ya I hope that's helpful to someone lol


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