Building the Kubota Ranch | Farm Build From Scratch | Farming Simulator 22


We’re preparing for the Kubota Connect conference and building a brand new ranch. This video is the farm build from scratch.

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  1. why is all your videos so loud I can't turn you down can you fix it for your next video my wife asked me why you are so loud and I told her I don't know

  2. Hey kluch I got school so sometimes I won't be on some of your streams. I will try to make it but if not them you know why. Keep it up

  3. why did you sound like a plane pilot clutch
    i can see it now mid flight klutch gets bored and starts playing farm sim and commentates over the pa

  4. Between you and me, you can call anything a ranch as long as you've got the traditional ranch entrance sign and something that poops behind it.

  5. am still playing on elmcreek its the only map i really like so far after trying other maps for a week i keep going back to elmcreek

  6. i'd tell ya what would be a great challenge for a modder… even thought it probably be pc only would be to come up with a texture mod to where u have more textures then u would have on ya map


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