Elmcreek – Complete Series | Farming Simulator 22


Elmcreek – Complete Series | Farming Simulator 22
Let’s Play FS22 – Farming Simulator 22

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  1. After watching loads of fs22 videos I've come to the realisation that it's missing something EXTREMELY important on any farm…..A Scarecrow!!! We need them adding to buy for a farms to keep away them pesky Crows ?

  2. I like how you’re playing and doing farming in FS22 as I’m playing FS22 on the same map, bit modded not vanilla as yours but it does make the gameplay better, though I try not to get really rich like make millions in one day, but try to work for it like an actual farmer would.

    (Edit) Bad news, I lost my progress and didn’t save my game because FS22 Crashed, and I had so much progress

  3. bro….. 12 hours long and you kept me laughing the whole time! i literally blew a sunday watching this and playing FS22 at the some time and had to come back today (monday) to finish off the last hour. although to be honest i would love to see links or something with some of the mods you are using. the fast farm looks cool and that straw trailer at the end i want for the same thing you did XD ill have to rewatch the last part to see if i can catch the trailer name again


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