Expanding the Farm! – Survival at Bulls Gap – Episode 4 – Farming Simulator 19


Welcome back to Bulls Gap TN. Based on the feedback from this week’s question we’re expanding the amount of field space we have. We started with nothing but a chainsaw, wood chipper, and a John Deere Gator on a map that doesn’t have any cheap fields.

I’ll also be looking to viewers to decide what we do next, so watch to the end to hear what the weekly decision for you guys is!

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Expanding the Farm! – Survival at Bulls Gap – Episode 4 – Farming Simulator 19

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  1. I like the idea of splitting the big field into two. Plough, and make half canola (make sure you have the straw me mod) the other half replanted as grass, for a better yield. You should be making lots of cash, and the clamp can be more than a one off item. Depending on your financial situation, a bigger plough/ subsoiler will make the creation of the new field less laborious too. Loving the series so far, keep it up!

  2. One big field of cereal crop where you can make bails from the straw droppings to sell as well for extra income is my suggestion.
    Another great episode by the way and enjoying your selection of music too!
    Yes that truck coming up behind you is like a horror movie in the making and why I suggested the horn add on LOL!

  3. Nice work mate! Your getting lots of practice windrowing at the moment! I reckon keep one field and put a crop in that you can plant with the seeder you have so then you are only needing to get a combine with a grain header. check if the bale sell point takes loose straw as you could use the loading wagon to pick up and sell

  4. Glad to see the wench is working out great for you . I think 1 field for now and plant Canola that way you can get the straw bails off of it as well they pay well . If you have straw me installed .

  5. I'm not entirely sure what the coding is on the real mower mod. But I've used that same mower, a profihopper with a 50M cut, a modded Cat M500 mower roughly 40M wide, and none of them remove the weeds. It seems to only be aimed at the actual mowers. I've been waiting for an update that fixes the issue, but nothing so far. As for the field, i'd split it to start with, then once you get bigger equipment, it can be one big field. I made the mistake of having a field about the same size, and using small equipment, I got bored with harvesting pretty fast. I do mostly soybeans, since it's the highest payout. For straw purposes, I plant oats. Grass fields and corn for silage.


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