Farm Sim News! Ducks, Case 8900, & Top Mods! | Farming Simulator 22


Farm Sim News! Ducks, Case 8900, & Top Mods!
Farm Sim News FS22 – Farming Simulator 22

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0:00 – Intro
0:10 – Top Stories
0:27 – Ducks Are Here!
0:56 – Magnum 8900
1:13 – Flexicoil Multifunction
1:54 – Feltrina Trailers
2:13 – Configs? Quite A Lot
2:48 – Top 5 Mods
5:36 – Top Voted Mods
7:36 – Update 1.7
8:15 – Pumps N’ Hoses
8:54 – Vermeer DLC
9:21 – Ero Grapeliner DLC
9:41 – Platinum DLC
10:11 – Segue & Disclaimer
10:26 – Outro
10:58 – Outro 2

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  1. Aw man DJ! You're such an incredible asset to the Farm Sim community. You honestly make this game so much enjoyable, getting us the scoop on the latest mods coming really keeps us all excited for the game! Thanks so much for everything you do homie, much appreciated.

  2. The potatoes pk is not on PS4 maybe the modern saw something an took it down off mod hub an need to fix something because I'm not seeing it on the in game mod list

  3. This game fs22 gets even better everyday I wake up to Jos modding with the great mods and now oxygendavid with more great maps and plenty this is why I make content thanks dj and mod / map makers you are a star

  4. With all these new animals to Court Farms starting to worry if it will be coming to consoles. Has it been confirmed it will be yet?

  5. The Grimme pack has disappeared from modhub for some reason I have the mod any reason why this has been removed?

  6. I feel that the rock picker by black sheep modding is prefect because the base game version takes forever to fill so with a wider working width it would work better plus I don’t mind gave to unload quicker because I like the animation.

  7. Looking forward to ducks, we need more animals in this game, they so many more what could be in this game and animals are best part of this game

  8. Hey djgoham can you talk to one of the modder to make a fire truck mod for fs22 for all platforms

  9. Pls help dj my g29 steering wheel always work then right after I got the update it keeps making my camera spin in circles

  10. Not sure if this is related to the new update, but I had a contract which i had completed but had not been paid for (running three large potato contracts simultaneously) disappear at midnight. the equipment and contract just vanished and i couldn't get paid for it.

  11. I was driving in a Kubota M8 and noticed with the help window open if you press control G you can switch to the passenger seat. LB+RB+d-pad down on controller

  12. I guess the steering wheel issues are a local personal issue that started with the update??? Also some missions are not good as you don't harvest enough crop to complete.


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