Farm Sim News! F350 Coming Back, Beast UTV, PLUS FS22 & FS20 Updates!


Farm Sim News & Mods FS22 – Farming Simulator 22
F350 Coming Back, Beast UTV, PLUS FS22 & FS20 Updates!

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0:00 – Farm Sim News
0:10 – Today’s Top Stories
0:21 – FS22 Update
1:19 – FS20 Update
1:44 – Tractors & Vehicles
6:48 – Equipment & Tools
8:43 – Placeables & Buildings
9:47 – Mapping & Modding
10:47 – Outro

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  1. One of the most popular mods in FS19 is coming back, the F350 Super Duty! Let's Gooooo!
    Today's New Mods! No Mans Land, New Production Chains, NH CR10.90! –
    Evidently the update that released yesterday was NOT the mod update we were waiting on, so mods are for PC & Mac only right now. Giants are waiting on Sony & Microsoft to approve the update as we speak.

  2. Sorry for the NooB comment, but nono of the autoloaders are working after the latest patch and was wondering if anyone else was having issues. I started a vanilla Elm Creek with just 1 autoload mod on to test (to see whether there was a conflict between mods that was causing the problem, but still no luck. I move within range, use Y (PC) to change to Euro Pallets and hit R but nothing happens. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers for Hobart, Tasmania

  3. Great news day DJ up to your very high standards keep up the great work 👏👏👍👍⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  4. hash tag [ whisper] farm sim news… I run around my house saying this…that and get outta here birds…my wife thinks im insane

  5. it would be awesome if Giants would add to base game non agriculture land plots that would be up for sale and up to you to create the field for the role players. i think that would be cool to buy a plot of land and have to create your own fields to farm and not have every lot already a field.

  6. does anybody has an issue with the update? I keep getting error message, error while installing. please restart and try again. any advice? I already emailed to giants about this. thanks

  7. I have no new mods it updated but I have nothing I'm on ps4 I even installed the game again it's even saying theres no new updates

  8. Ngl i like the individual time stamps so i can see faster if there is something im interested in. Love your work either way

  9. Dj go ham can’t use forklift to pick up pallets now after the new giants update it’s a night mare on ps5 I never had problem before the update


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