Farm Sim News! MACK Super Liner, Big Bud Pack, Elk Mountain!


Farm Sim News FS22 – Farming Simulator 22
MACK Super Liner, Big Bud Pack, Elk Mountain!

0:00 – Farm Sim News
0:10 – Top Stories
0:17 – When’s It Coming Out?
1:29 – Mack Super Liner
2:02 – Big Bud Pack?
2:47 – International Anteater
3:21 – KRKZ Mods
4:33 – Steve’s Puma
5:20 – Civemasa Mods
5:46 – Camara RT16
6:08 – Shed Silo
6:40 – Power Tools Update
7:26 – Holmakra Custom Trees
8:04 – Elk Mountain Wyoming
9:04 – Outro

Mod Testing List –
Giants Support –
82 Studio –
MACK Live Stream –
Mappers Paradise –
EY –
Steves Mods –
Case Puma Download –
Driver53’s Video –
SrVertex –
Caleruega –
MefiuFS –
Power Tools Download –
Pixel Farm –
Elk Mountain –

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  1. Today I've got a great vid for you detailing the testing list and why "There's no release dates for mods." Hopefully this helps to understand how mods work a little better.
    Today's New Mods! JD 4755 4955, Scooter, New Bartelshagen Map!
    That's all for today. I'll see you tomorrow morning on Calmsden Farm!

  2. I know theres no update to the testing list but last time there was. A Mack R was listed. Is that the mod from VSR? Or a totally different one 🤔

  3. That ant eater is gonna be sweet i just want the patch so i can play the game without the bluescreen from the store

  4. Why does 82 studios keep working on new projects why doesn’t he like finally finish an old project unless it’s in testing list you know because there’s a lot of things waiting to be tested

  5. I cant get the ground leveling or smoothing or whatever its called ,to work on construction landscaping! Can someone please help me if all possible??? Thankya in advance!

  6. Allowing multiples of the same product from different modders is one of the best things Giants has done for FS22!

  7. Mappers paradise do not do vehicles but ya never know they got friends too who maybe are making this happen

  8. I thought I saw something about North Modding Company not modding anymore back in fs19, that appears to not be true which is great because next to FDR they are about the best logging specialists and they make their mods for all platforms

  9. Mack is ok but as a 2nd Gen Driver I'd rather drive most anything else before I drove a Mack (and I've driven several Macks over the years). Give me a Kenworth, Marmon or Pete any day.

  10. Hopefully we get some more new mods for the 3rd day in a row and hopefully useful mods haven't been too much lately that I can use


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