Farming Simulator 21 (The BEST Features!) Random Events, Seasons, Sky, Gearbox & MORE! | Episode #1


Farming Simulator 21 will most likely be coming out this time next year! In this video series I go over the Best Features we would like! 😀

CLAAS DLC contains over 35 vehicles and equipment from the CLAAS product range. These include the following vehicles and equipment: ARION 660-610, AXION 870-800, AXION 960-920, XERION 5000-4000, TUCANO 580, JAGUAR 960 TT, CARGOS 760, ROLLANT 455, DISCO 1100 C, DISCO 3600 FC and more.



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  1. also with with moving animals arond they should add like rotating pasters like what some people do up north because that is what we do with are cow in the spring summer part of fall all the way of until first snow and then have like bale rings and if like you keep driving in the same part it make like a mud pit . any ways just wanted to add that.

  2. Opp mini games to improve production

    E.g sheer your sheep
    Milk your cows
    Fix you vehicles

    Higher purchase vehicles

    More animal types

    Make your own pastures (sameish planet zoo)

    Natural disasters

    Stearing feedback / vibrations

  3. Love to see it where u can use a dozer or buckets on tractor sister an wheel loader can be used to level out the land an where u can get gravel an make the roads ureself

  4. Make our pet dogs chase our vehicles sometimes just for fun when near their aoe as well as see them trying to catch crows in various fields. Our dogs could scare up pheasants and such at random just for immersion. Maybe could have an affect that If not fed properly it might go rogue will raid the chickens and their eggs. Teachable tricks like maybe fetching a shovel, a hoe or a rake that is in storage for our character. Added health benefits (the watchdog perk) for sheep and chickens if the dog is properly fed.

  5. it would be cool to having a need for having males to inseminate the animals you have, you could have diseases that affect animals and crops thta can spread in different ways, maybe making it easier to place buildings, some kind of undo button where you can go back in time if you regret something, NPC-farmers could be seen working in the fields they own, moving equipment around on the roads a.s.o. You could add a feature where you "record" an act that an AI helper can imitate lateron, to maximize their effectiveness. Maybe fishing(also large scales), hunting, mining, maybe even transporting goods in the air (airplanes, choppers)could be nice. Maybe adding possibilities to manually change the landscape with machines(bulldozers and so on.) The price of s field should be affected not only by size but also depending on the value of the crop growing on it. Maybe even getting a possibility to expand the railway networks? It could be more realistic prices, where you can see a price drop of wheat if many NPCfarmers are growing that ae. You could make it possible to buy sawmills and make planks, buy clothing factories to make clothes and fabrics of cotton and wool, pulp and paper of woodchips and so on.
    These are some of my thoughts, hope you guys like them!

  6. Horses are easier to train. Always are being ridden during the morning hours. Horses breed and sell the mares (optional) after the foals are weaned (12 in game days) 12 more in game days the foals are fully grown and ready to train. Colts are sold quickly. Fillies bred then sold (optional). Horse barns hold 20 brrodmares 2 stallions, 16 colts 16 fillies. (Just throwing numbers out there.)

  7. Avatar is married with 1 daughter & 1 son. They do the cleaning of the animals. The wife/husband waters the animals. The helpers are smarter.

  8. If the trailer is not covered and you are delivering the harvested goods, (in the storm, rather calm weather) a certain percentage of your crops get blown away. 15mph/kph 5%, 30mph/kph 15%, above 45mph 30%.

  9. More productive Mills or factory take your Crops too. like a sugar Mill you take your sugarcane and it produces sugar white or brown sugar? Or any placeable factory's instead of just selling point.

  10. I would lole to see quad bikes so if we do get the feature where u can move cows and sheep into different fields instead of putting them in a trailer and all that long time business, like real life take them into the fields by gathering them into a group using a quad bike and then into the field.

  11. Also get rid of that annoying air compressor going off every 10 seconds, "ON ALL VEHICLES" (EVEN CARS)..


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