Farming Simulator 22 News – AI Helper Menu – Courseplay and Autodrive light?


Its time to let the cat ouf of the bag as to what all this AI helper menu is about. It sure does look like base game AI helpers are now going to have some of the very basic features of AutoDrive and Courseplay.

● “Go to” – drive a machine/vehicle to a specific destination
● “Field Work” – carry out a task associated with the machine at the target location
● “Deliver” – deliver crops to the selected unloading station (can be looped)
● “Load & Deliver” load goods at one station, and deliver it to the next (can be looped)

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  1. Courseplay 7 is out in beta now. I downloaded it and it didn't crash. There's some type of menu that'll appear at the bottom but I can't seem to get anything to work. The mouse right click doesn't activate a GUI or anything. Actually, I'm thinking this "release" may be a hack because all it does is display an advertising banner at the top of the screen. I guess we'll see.

  2. AIs so far have been stopping about 15 feet short on small fields they are harvesting and 30-45 feet short on larger ones or only doing one row and having to be started on each row again. And not even being able to do the irregular fields without missing the odd shaped ones.

  3. To be honest the ai still could use some work. They are good but I have noticed more often then not. The ai getting stuck because they couldn’t steer more straight and ended up clipping a car on the side of the road or a bridge. Another time is when you send a ai to go unload and load. The ai tends to hug the silo often times again making the ai get stuck. I’m sure these bugs will get fixed but for right now those are the bugs I have seen

  4. Klein is an Afrikaans surname and a word that means little/small. Had to watch the video to see if you are not Dutch or South American. But seem I found a new farmsim channel in the process

  5. helper A has flew off the side of a mountain with a full trailer of beets and is stuck on object if this feature actually works good i will eat my hat honestly cant wait to see how helpful or entertainingly useless this will be.

    I hope its half decent fingers crossed this is a big jump up from the potato AI we usually get.

  6. I'd love to see the AI good enough to run a grain cart, while I combine.

    It also seems like an odd excuse that they can't show these features in photos, blog posts and trailers, when 95% of your videos are you playing bits of a game and showing off aspects. I could easily see you doing a short video just showing the interface, and commands you can use, and I am almost certain you will have a longer detailed explanation in the next week or 2 when you get ahold of the game, that could have been edited down in a quick way to show these features.

  7. I was not planning on buying fs22 until mods such as Courseplay and Autodrive would be useable..I play on PC, so I am used to those delightful mods 😉 But seeing these options as base game feautures changes things for me 🙂

  8. Please take this message of concern back to Giants, don't you think we should concentrate on making the helper better at trying to do the basic tasks before jumping 10 levels to this? Now don't get me wrong I DO like this concept but it can't even plow correctly. This would be the equivalent of giving me the tools to go build a wall and expect a excellent result I think they call it sheet rocking or something? I would be more excited if they had said yeah the AI is 10x smarter and should be able to do basic tasks now


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