FARMING SIMULATOR 22 TIPS – How To: Start From Scratch (Hard Mode) – MAKE PROFIT FASTER! – FS22


Farming Simulator 22 Tips – How To: Start From Scratch – Make Profit Faster! – FS22

I thought that I would put together a little video with a few tips on how to get started in a Start From Scratch game. These primarily come from things that I’ve learned by making plenty of mistakes, but I have also done quite a bit of research, with plenty of spreadsheets, to come up with a list of the best crop and field combinations to make the most money. Start From Scratch game-mode is where we start with basically nothing but $500,000 and no tractors or land or anything else and all of the prices are set to Hard Mode.


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  1. only troble with leasing is that the potatoecottonsugar beets harvester is nearly 25k to lease out plus extra costs . I also purchased 4 fields next to one another and i hope to plough them all into one cotton field . as per contracts i made a cool 145k in one day doing the harvesting contracts and baling

  2. Start small, if you just bought your field do "prep work" so when you come to planing season then it's ready to go "turn key" and you don't have to waste all that money on the equipment again (at least that's what I did)

  3. I chose field 54 as one of the good fields to purchase if you are ready for greenhouses. I was able to fit after removing the trees with a chainsaw and rented stump remover 12 large greenhouses set up with the output facing each other. Getting water from the lake beside it is a great time saver and you can expand the field to get more yield if you are comfortable with how the greenhouses work. With a tractor-pulled water tank and trailer that can zip along both sides, it refills easily and load so I have 4 each for tomatoes, lettuce, and strawberries.

  4. Excellent tutorial, great tips, I have been doing hard mode but not making much, and was starting to think of spending as much as possible on fields. You hit the nail on the head and had a much more well thought out plan for doing it all. Thank you !

  5. So I guess I got lucky, spawned in, checked the used market, epic score ,
    Fendt 1050 – 60% off on day 1 ….. So I did a few contracts since I had my big tractor (still own nothing else)
    Day 2 used market gave me the golden goose , Vaderstad NZ Extreme 1425 cultivator at 50% off. So every cultivating job is now accessible and easy. I've put 24.9 hours on the pair since purchase. Kinda boring but I do 90% by myself. Only use a worker if there's other jobs available. I bought 33 & 34 , plan on doing something there, unsure yet, but I'm making a good amount cash monthly by cultivating. Thinking about a mower and bailing combo next. Just need em to go on sale.

  6. If you play hard mode it should mean you want a challenge, so going for easy money isn't really the way. 500k is enough for the start, two big green houses and a beehive, mid tractor. I pay the loan as fast as possible and never take another, it takes time to build up the proper farm, but at least i don't have millions in 10 years of playthrough. There is no end to sim games, end-game is nonexistent, only part worth playing is start of the game to late mid game, then it turns to snowball and it becomes boring, and time to start a new game with different strat

  7. The russian Rostselmash is nearly always my starting Tractor – huge amount of HP for a really nice price (and with luck you even get one in the reduced shop). Elmcreek itself is a bit controverse map for my taste, compared to haut-beyleron there are so many tiny fields on elmcreek where doing a lot of missions nearly makes no sense cause the results are pretty often lower then 0,5k and that´s, compared to the fuel and the repair costs, not worth even driving up (on haut-beyleron you nearly never have a mission below 3-4k cause of the far bigger fields). Apart from that you can buy the regular starting field and sell the houses on that – 75k extra (in €). Might be declared cheating by some players but Giants left that choice in so…why not. Another good addition is, at last, adding a constant income source beside all other stuff you do, for example the medium wind powergenerator (the small one is crap and the biggest too expensive, at last when you just started) for to have an additional income source over the wintermonths where nearly never much is going on.
    For normal farming gameplay i think collecting the collectibles is pretty hard close to cheating. When people plan to play contractor business only i would agree on collecting them as no contractor will ever get a job when he drives around with 3 metres of equipment and works for 4x the time a normal contractor would take.
    At last, every player is different, so find a balance between how realistic you want to play and what you can accept for yourself from speeding up your business while not feeling guilty. This game is such a big sandbox that nobody will blame you for anything.

  8. I wouldn't buy used tractors. Sounds great but they need repairs way too often and cost way too much. Ridiculously unrealistic. Other tools aren't so bad used, they're used much less often so they break less often and aren't as expensive to repair regardless. Few runs through a field with a 60+ month old tractor and you're looking at $3k in repairs easily.

  9. Buy the smallest field. There’s one right next to the starting Farm for less than 50k. Place windmills and sim. But as many windmills as you want. I usually buy four so I have passive income coming in. Passive income is key to covering cost and helping with profit in general. I’ve tried almost every crop and production chain. All take years to make money. It’s legit and speeds the pace up quite a bit ?

  10. One small thing I would add. You can sell fields. Find a field buy it harvest it then sell it. You can get the money from the crop plus the sale of the field. If you buy a 400,000 field harvest it sell the crop then sell the field back the entire crop is profit instantly.

  11. Maxed out loan on a 2 day per month gameplay will cost you about 18 000$ of interest per year….if you buy 500 000$ worth of land with loan money it will take around 25 years to even the cost of the land…waaaay enought time to pay back some of your loan and invest in more field… start with 500 000$…..200 000$ in loan….borrow 200 000$ extra to get some land…use the remaining 300 000$ in machinery thats how i like doing it…..thank for your advice…i never considered beets as a starter crop….sounds profitable ??


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